Quickie F35 R2

Quickie F35 R2

User friendly features, economic value and contemporary looks make the Quickie F35 R2 the outstanding choice for those users who require basic powered mobility and portability. The chairs specification is tailored to offer comfort, safety and accessibility both indoors and out at a very affordable price.

Swing-away and removable footrest: In addition to being removable, the footrest can be swung either inwards or outwards. Thanks to this feature, the length of the chair can be altered without the need to remove the footrests prior to entering small spaces such as lifts.

Adjustable armrests: Armrests can be adjusted in width, height and depth.

Compact folding: After removing the split battery from the two separate boxes and detaching the backrest, the chair can be folded to assist in transportation and storage.

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Seat Width: 43 cm (can be increased up to 52cm with armrests)

Seat Height: 50 cm

Seat Depth: 43 cm

Backrest Height: 42.5 cm

Armrest Height: 18 to 30cm

Overall Width: 60 cm

Overall Length: 105 cm (86 cm without footrest)

Frame: Foldable

Speed: 6 km/h

Battery Size: 50 Amp

Max. Range: 25 km

Seat Tilt: n/a

Back Recline: 8º

Turning Radius: 90 cm

Max. Safe Slope: 10º

Max Kerb Climb: 10 cm (with Kerb Climber)

Electronics: VR2 / Pilot + optional

Min. Wheelchair Weight: 98 kg

Max. User Weight: 120 kg

Colours: Blue, gold and summer red

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years and 6 months on the batteries

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