fbpx Sky Folding Ramp 180 cm for Mobility scooters and wheelchairs

Sky Folding Ramp 180 cm

235 €
VAT included

Data sheet

Length & Width: 180x 71.5 cm
Product weight 13,66 Kg
Material: Aluminum
Maximum weight supported 300 Kg
Warranty: 2 years
10% VAT and transportation included


Sky Folding Ramp 180 cm

Sky Folding Ramp 180 cm "Suitcase Type" is a very resistant, non-slip and finished with high quality materials ramp.

The folding ramps in are a great solution for scooters and electric chairs by their construction in a single platform. Thanks to their folding system "suitcase type", they are very easy to transport.

The Sky Folding Ramp 180 cm is best for use with 3 or 4 wheel scooters and 4 or 6 wheel electric chairs, for their ease of placement and use. Since it is a single platform, it is not necessary to place them side by side in order to calculate the track width of the chair or scooter, it is only necessary to know the total width of the chair or scooter to ensure that it fits inside the ramp. .

Only possible ramp type to use for 3 wheeler-scooters and 6-wheeler chairs.

The Apex Sky range has a wide variety of ramps that allow users of wheelchairs and scooters to save steps in different places and situations, where both slope and length are variable.
One of the most important things to take into account when choosing a ramp, is to know what difference you want to save. Below is a table with the recommended lengths depending on the slope to be saved:

Sky Folding Ramp 180 cm

Thanks to its high quality aluminum construction, the Sky Folding Ramp 180 cm is very light. Ideal for people in wheelchairs or with scooters that require saving steps both indoors and outdoors. It has resistant hinges and a non-slip surface. They fold with great ease and to facilitate their transport, they have integrated handles and a transport bag.

Sky Folding Ramps are available in various lengths (90, 120 and 180 cm) and support a maximum weight of 300 kg. It includes a bag.