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Apps for Accessibility


Our company has a multidisciplinary team, with many years of background in the digital industry and accessibility consultancy, that is specialized in designing mobile and web apps that are focussed on accessibility.

Accessible Madrid has designed a mobile app (both IOS and Android platforms) of accessible cultural routes operating with geolocation in cities like Madrid, Toledo, Alcalá de Henares and Vejer de la Frontera. The user decides which kind of accessible route is willing to do and the app displays different routes ranked by duration or distance. The application displays a map located by GPS where both user and the city map are located in a route. As the tour goes by different points of interest (POI) and information of each point will be displayed. The user has all the information related to accessibility and also relevant information about the POI showed in text, images, voice and video.

Accessible Madrid designs audioguides for cultural tourism. The formats of our audioguides are in audio and image. Our audio guides are designed to be used in MP4 devices and as an app with geolocation in smartphones. Click on the following link to watch a fragment of our audio guides/app audio y and image. This is a piece of the audioguide designed for vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz (Spain).

Many cities have shown interest for this app, as it is extremely useful for people with disabilities and reduced mobility and it provides significant added value for disabled travellers visiting those cities.