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casaGnial. A matter of detail


How many times we travelled to the cities, entered their shops, stayed in hotels or apartments and thanks to some details, we have a great experience.

Details matter. These details can be just ramps instead of stairs, simple opening doors, elevators that can be used even with your hands, spacious places, comfortable tables,... in brief words, objects and spaces "for all". It that so difficult? Not at all. It is just a matter of think and design.

What do you get in return?
Satisfied Customers, Customers that recommend you and repeating Customers. This is just what every business owner wants, isn’t it?

To achieve this it is only necesary to make a good design of the premises, being sensitive to ALL the needs. CasaGnial looks for comfort, no discrimination and to please everyone, not forgetting anyone. Beyond the standard specifications and ranks, as the certificates of energy efficiency, CasaGnial can qualify the "usability" of varying degrees spaces 100%, 80%, 50%, ... what CasaGnial offers is what you will get.

Is expensive to adapt your business?
In terms of design, universal design has the same cost as traditional design, therefore always fits your budget. In casaGnial they are dedicated to adapt premises, facilities and all types of accommodation to suit everyone's needs. Contact us and we can discuss your case.

CasaGnial consists of a specialized team in the design and implementation of adaptation building works that takes place in conditions of safety and comfort for all kinds of people, regardless of their physical condition, health status, size or age.

In our daily life we find buildings or premises where once you are in, it is hardly possible to use daily items as power lines, tables, desks, points of light, taps, etc. Most of them are not wearable in a high percentage of the population with limitations. They can't be "used" by a high percentage of the population that has limitations such us, you can not bend, lack of strength or finger dexterity, have visual or acoustic difficulties. Most of pregnant women, elderly, children, transitional diseases...), people not even with a disability cannot use that facility easily (shop, museum, hotel, shop, etc.). Under normal conditions, these business, will have to give up some of their potential customers or reduce the rate of repeating customers.

The use of these techniques has the following advantages for business :

1- ANYONE CAN USE THE PREMISES COMFORTABLY. Requires no prior expertise and customer segmentation, not pigeonholed or discriminate against users, they are for ALL.
2- INCREASE USER SATISFACTION. Guarantees the use of facilities safely and comfortably. We will beat the competition.
3- IMPROVE THE RATIO OF USE. It will reduce downtime. The facility is usable by much more people in a longer period of time. Increase profitability.
4- BETTER ENGAGEMENT VS. COMPETITORS. The user makes a more comfortable use of the facilities. Increased comfort. Repetition rate increases.
5- INCREASE THE SIZE OF CUSTOMERS SEGMENTATION YOU FOCUS ON. The traditional design is useful only for a 70% of the population discriminating people who have temporarily or permanently any difficulties. The number of potential clients increases.
6- BETTER BRAND IMAGE OF YOUR BUSINESS. An adapted premise improves the corporate image of YOUR COMPANY and this means brand power. We will show a socially responsible brand. IMPROVES your Corporate Social Responsibility IMAGE

casaGnial: www.casaGnial.es
Accessible Madrid will get you a DISCOUNT for any purchase at casaGnial. You just need to call us at +693711597 or send us an email to info@accessiblemadrid.com and we will give a discount voucher of 5% off in any service or accessibility renovation work offered by this company. This voucher does not apply to listed products.