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Rivum Holiday Resort


Rivum Holiday Resort

Rivum Holiday Resort is a new fully accessible complex located in La Rioja, one of the most sought after and requested destinations in the north of Spain.

Rivum Holiday Resort is part of OSACC, a global project that promotes social integration, the elimination of barriers and the eradication of stereotypes about disability through tourism projects, thus bringing leisure to all. A wide range of rural tourism, gastronomic tourism, wine tourism and cultural tourism are just some of the attractions of an interesting destination 100% accessible.


RIVUM Holiday Resort is the first of the 100% accessible rural resort complexes of OSACC that will spread to other parts of the Spanish geography. A beautiful town in La Rioja is being built in Casalarreina with incredible natural landscapes and very close to the urban charm of the capital.

La Rioja mixes a traditional offer with the most avant-garde proposal

La Rioja is one of the tourist spots in northern Spain with more national and international tourist attractions. Therefore, building a 100% accessible holiday resort in this location was a safe investment for any tourist to enjoy the leisure and the particularities of northern Spain without barriers. La Rioja region


A holiday complex in Casalarreina. Rivum Holiday Resort among the architectural and natural heritage of La Rioja. Casalarreina has been the chosen place for the construction of what will be one of the largest accessible tourist complexes in Europe. Located to the northwest of the province, Casalarreina is settled on an extensive alluvial plain, furrowed by the Oja river and only 47 km. of Logroño.

The town of Casalarreina is well connected by access by motorway and roads, has an important monumental heritage and has a great gastronomic and wine interest. The history of Casalarreina can be seen from its streets to reach its Natural Heritage, which is spectacular.


Rivum Holiday Resort offers 40 bungalows 100% accessible with total capacity to accommodate 220 people. Living room with integrated kitchen and dining room, two bedrooms, full bathroom and porch.

Accessibility and technological facilities

+ Beepcons locator beacons to locate key elements through mobile devices, providing information on accesses and interior spaces.
+ Magnetic loops on service counters
+ Indoor and outdoor podotactile pavements as a routing or warning in shipments of key elements (ramps and stairs).
+ Signaling signage with accessibility criteria indoors and outdoors.
+ Home automation control systems in the accommodations, including warning systems for assistance and control of falls in bathrooms.


Facilities to enjoy free time.
The 58,000 m2 of holiday complex that make up RIVUM Holiday Resort include:
+ 40 bungalows (100% accessible) with a total capacity to accommodate 220 people
+ restaurant
+ Store
+ Tasting Room
+ 3 pools
+ Cafeteria
+ Mini golf
+ Petanque
+ Padel tracks
+ Water attractions
+ Event area
+ 58,000 m2 100% accessible


You will find high quality cuisine at Rivum Holiday Resort. This complex promotes not only 100% accessible tourism, but healthy living habits. In short, a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Because enjoying can be healthy, fun and in our restaurant very tasty. Traditional and healthy cuisine with the use of cutting-edge techniques. A cuisine that fuses tradition with new culinary arts suitable for all audiences, and inspired by the land in which we are located; The Rioja.

Rivum Restaurant

The Cave of Doña Isabela, one of the referents of restoration of Casalarreina (LaRioja) since 1998, and is responsible for the kitchen of the holiday complex and its menu. SENSORY AND HEALTHY COOKAGE The cuisine of the Doña Isabela Cave is characterized by its search intangibles, create sensations, that reinterprets memories, that dialogues with the diner and invites to travel with the senses. A recipe for harmony, detail, love, imagination and dreams brings to the table a respectful gastronomy, which escapes from eccentricity and escapes definitions, which is perfectly identified with the concept of accessible and healthy leisure of Rivum Holiday Resort.

This is an Avant-garde restaurant that opts for a fusion of traditional food with new trends with healthy products from the land. The Restaurant partially renews its menu every season to make the most of local products, as well as to create a dynamic and seasonal cuisine. Also a daily tasting menu for guests and people visiting the complex.

Accessible Tourism

2017 was declared by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, which has meant that many countries, including Spain, have become aware in order to move towards a sector more sustainable, within reach of all and without barriers that, in addition, promote the environment, ethics and everything that results in the benefit of the people that our business project is based on.

Spain exceeded 76 million tourists in 2017, data that indicate that we are facing a sector of the booming economy. All people want to know new places without exception. And this equality in leisure is what our resorts provide. So that each tourist can enjoy the tourist attractions of each destination accompanied by friends and family.

Among these people are also those who have some type of disability or have difficulties of any kind that entail an extra cost to carry out daily activities for the rest. Tourism is one of the activities in which there is a long way to go in this regard, which is why we are committed to 100% accessible facilities and innovation for a new model of tourism that also promotes healthy lifestyles. We believe in the equal rights of access and enjoyment of the tourist offer. It is not only about eliminating architectural barriers, but also those of communication.


What is OSACC? They are acronyms of Healthy and Accessible Leisure, a name that perfectly reflects both our goals and our values. OSACC is born from the need to offer solutions that allow enjoying tourism and leisure facilities to all equally.

Accessibility has become one of the great challenges of tourism worldwide. Spain as a leading country and a reference in the reception of tourists must also be a pioneer in offering facilities that offer equal opportunities to enjoy all kinds of people, especially those who may have any disability.

OSACC aims to become a brand capable of promoting projects that respond to current demand for accessible tourist places in Spain. Not dedicating a percentage of their equipment for this purpose, but creating spaces and equipment that are 100% accessible.

In addition to accessibility, healthy is very important to us. Therefore, we promote habits that promote good health, a healthy gastronomic proposal and outdoor activities.

Rivum Holiday Resort Contact Details

Rivum resort La Rioja
26230 Casalarreina, La Rioja (Spain)
Tel: +34 644 395 394