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Segway tour in Madrid


Do you know what a Segway is? Sure you do! You've probably seen them rolling on sidewalks of Madrid. We would like to propose you a comformtable leisure activity in Madrid in which you won't get tired. It could be worth of a gift idea for an activity with friends or just a different plan for families to enjoy. There are many different options of Segway tours in Madrid.

If you do not know what a Segway is, we will give some insights so maybe you can join this plan:

The first thing to know is that the Segway is: it is a "kind" of electric skateboard powered by a small engine where the proper motion of the body is what allows forward or stop.

Is a Segway hard to drive? It's not hard! Two or three minutes of training will enough to feel the Segway as a part of the body and handle it with ease.

Is it dangerous? It is not dangerous. There is no danger in riding a Segway provided safety measures are respected and care is provided.

What are the characteristic of a Segway? The Segway has a travel range of 40 km on a single full charge. You can also reach 20 km/h speed. Makes no noise as it has an electric engine.

How much does a Segway tour cost? From 30€ you can find one hour Segway tours.

Companies like Segway Madrid, Segcity Tours, Madrid-segway.com, Madsegs offer tourism services on Segway in Madrid.

People with disabilities also have a tourism and leisure alternative in Madrid using an electric vehicle, such as a mobility scooter. Renting a mobility scooter in Madrid allows people with reduced mobility have great autonomy and independence. Accessible Madrid also offers guided scooter tours on mobility scooter. For any questions related to mobility scooters you can find us at www.accessiblemadrid.com

Now that we have presented these two terrific ways of leisure in Madrid, you just have to you choose the one that fits you better. The most important thing is that you enjoy your visit in Madrid. See you soon!