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High riding position scooter


RideUp. Take your seat for eye-level interaction

The unique design of RideUp Power Chair offers the user EYE TO EYE contact with their world, restoring dignity and a sense of inclusion to those with reduced mobility. RideUp bridges the gap between Power Chairs and Mobility Scooters. By combining the best features of both products along with a high riding position, RideUp users experience an enhanced freedom of movement and increased access without the stigmas normally associated with powered mobility.

Target users are scooter user who wants a better-looking mobility product without the negative perception, power wheelchair user who wants a higher seating upright wheelchair with a slick design, assisted living facilities, gated communities and homecare user.

RideUp is designed for individuals that require powered mobility assistance to accomplish the activities of daily living. “I am sitting so low it is difficult to interact with other people”, is the most common criticism of power chair, electric wheel chair and power scooter users.

The elevated riding position of a RideUp user contributes to the healthy benefit of weight bearing and active muscle use. Based on a Scandinavian orthopedic chair, the seating position of a RideUp is the perfect combination of comfort with limited weight bearing requirements and a high riding position.

The RideUp product is a real problem solver for the user when reaching into upper kitchen cupboards. In addition, the ease at which entry way doors handles can be reached, opened and entered are its key strengths.

The RideUp Mobility scooter has a tremendous potential to overcome both the physical and social barriers. RideUp users experience an enhanced freedom of movement and increased access without the stigmas normally associated with powered mobility. Take it anywhere; to the shopping mall, the grocery store, the theatre, around the house; Everywhere you want to go!

The Rideup is designed for those who need a high riding position in their day-today use, like professors, company executives, salesmen, etc..

The ONLY mobility device on the market to offer:

- Secure rear access with a patented seat opening.
- An elevated seating position for eye-level interaction.
- Secure rear access with a patented seat opening
- Small footprint (no leg rest/footrest)
- Ergonomic and healthy sitting posture (limited strain, lower back and joints)
- Easily navigates tight spaces and corners in the house
- Designed primarily for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors
- Able to operate on a wide variety of outdoor surfaces
- Joystick controller for steering may be installed on either arm of the chair
- Adjustable tiller and handle bar steering for easy control.
- Various seating options available based on changing medical condition
- Available with a lorge variety of accessories such as bags, holders and baskets for even more convenience.

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