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At Accessible Madrid we offer Mobility Products Sales and Mobility Product Rentals (for people), Accessible Travel Services (for people and corporations) and Accessibility Consulting and Training Services (for Private and Public Corporations).

  • Apex-Wellell i-Laser

    A powerhouse. The first ever portable and folding travel-friendly scooter that is also HEAVY-DUTY.
  • Apex Transformer

    This is the only fully electric 4 wheel folding scooter. Ultra light&portable with remote control operation.
  • Luggie Elite

    Foldable lightweight aluminum scooter. Perfect for traveling. The scooter has 15 km Travel Range.
  • Afiscooter C4W

    High technology, maximum performance, safety, style and design.
  • Afiscooter S3W

    A powerful and comfortable mobility scooter with great autonomy and excellent off-road skills. Small turning radius.
  • Libercar Mistral 10

    The Libercar Mistral 10 is one of the lightest folding power chair available in the market. 26 km autonomy.
  • Zinger folding chair

    Ultralight folding electric chair perfect for transport
  • Afiscooter S4W

    A powerful and comfortable mobility scooter with great autonomy and excellent off-road skills
  • Vermeiren Illico

    The Illico bed is a medical bed combining an attractive design and ultra-fast assembly without any extra tools.


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More than 100 products for rent. Home delivery and pick-up.

Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, Portable Stair Climbers, Mobility Aids, Beds.


    Madrid and nearby cities (8-Day Trip)

    Please contact us for more information
    8 Days
    This is a gorgeous 8-day accessible trip to visit Madrid and nearby cities. This stunning private accessible trip is targeted for people with limited mobility. We will visit in depth Madrid and nearby cities like Toledo, Segovia and Alcalá de Henares

    Accessible Tour in La Granja and Segovia

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    Full day
    Join us and spend the day exploring La Granja and Segovia on this private accessible tour from Madrid. The charming Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, with its Palace, gardens and fountains. Visit the World Heritage city of Segovia and its 2000 year old Aqueduct,the fairy tale Royal Castle Alcazar, etc.

    Training and consulting service for organizations, institutions, companies and professionals who need guidance when adapting to the new universal accessibility needs.
  • BLOG

    Al Altar Caminando

    Giaffoglione Gina is a young woman who was bedridden in a wheelchair due to a terrible car accident. When Gina knew she would dress as a bride in the altar, she wanted to make it with his father, despite the sensitivity of his legs is zero. Gia, born in Omaha (Nebraska) practiced sport before the accident that left her paralyzed. For an athlete, perseverance and sacrifice are two main keys to getting results. Gina use both qualities over a year for his paralysis did not prevent her dreams come true.

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