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About us

At Accessible Madrid we are specialists in Accessible Travel. We help you plan your trip to Spain. We offer wheelchair accessible transfers, accommodation, tours, personal mobility equipment rentals, etc.

“Accessible Madrid was founded in 2013 and now is a leading company in Spain offering accessible services and products for travelers with disability or limited mobility. We operate accessible tours across Spain. We design custom accessible holidays for groups, as well as families and individual travelers. We help our clients to find accommodation 100% accessible in the city both in hotels and in adapted holiday rental apartments. We provide the necessary resources and services for slow walkers and wheelchair travelers, so they can enjoy their holidays in a barrier-free environment. Visit our online store specialized in Mobility Aids & Equipment”

Services offered by Accessible Madrid:

  • Accessible Travel: Day tours and longer trips
  • Mobility Aids&Equipment online store
  • Mobility Aids&Equipment rentals
  • Wheelchair adapted holiday rental apartments
  • Tours in a 100% accessible environment
  • Accessibility Consulting
  • Business Services
  • Mobile App Design with accessible routes

Accessible Madrid offers extended mobility for people with limited mobility. We are the first company in Madrid to offer guided tours in electric scooters.

The Accesible Madrid team
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