Medium Size Mobility Scooters

The size, weight and measurements are three factors that have to go into the decision to buy a mobility scooter. From this point of view, choosing between a small size mobility scooter, medium size mobility scooters or big size mobility scooters (heavy duty mobility scooters), is decisive for us to be comfortable with our purchase. It is not only a matter of money but of convenience, comfort, manageability, accessibility, etc. Take a look at the medium size mobility scooters that we offer. You will find some characteristics so that you can decide with all the information.

  • Libercar Cruiser

    Medium size scooter (118 cm). 350W Motor. 33 km range. Rear suspension. LED lights and USB connection.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Libercar Dolce Vita

    This model is certainly one of the best equipped within the mid-range scooters.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Tek RMD

    Tek RMD is a mobility device that completely reinvents the way people with paraplegia and other walking disabilities can move around the world
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Pride Zero Turn 8

    Innovative scooter equipped with iTurn Technology?. Easy maneuver through small spaces.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Apex-Wellell i-Tauro

    Perfect balance between performance and quality. Engine 500W.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Apex-Wellell i-Vita Lite

    Electric mobility scooter with an exclusive and compact design
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Pride Revo 2.0

    Powerful suspension for a smooth ride, yet easily disassembles for full portability
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Invacare Leo

    The Invacare Leo, can be defined by three words: safe, sturdy and stable.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Pride Victory 10DX

    The Pride Victory 10DX scooter combines great autonomy and power without sacrificing comfort.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Vista

    This scooter can be easily disassembled in 6 pieces. Suspension. 35Ah bat. LED Lights
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Sterling Sapphire 2

    Removable into 5 parts and with excellent maneuverability. It ensures maximum stability.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
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  • Sterling S400

    The perfect scooter to go to the supermarket or wander through the city. Great maneuverability and travel range.
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  • Invacare Orion Metro

    Orion Metro is the perfect mix of comfort, safety and reliability
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Why buy a medium size mobility scooter?

Anyone who wants to buy a medium-sized scooter is thinking about several factors, from weight, to the type of surface on which it is usually driven, the accessibility of your home and autonomy. If we attend to these premises, we can choose the best mobility scooter for our needs. As in the case of the small size mobility scooter, here we will be able to find folding mobility scooters and portable mobility scooters (easy to disassemble). Unlike the small ones, in this case we are opting for a greater weight and length of the scooter so we will have to take into account the size of the rooms that we usually use (elevator, bus, car boot ...).

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a medium size mobility scooter

Advantages of the medium size mobility scooter

  • More stability than the small ones due to their dimensions
  • More spacious than the small ones and more comfortable
  • Good access even to narrow spaces
  • Easy transport (folding and easy to disassemble)
  • Ideal for travelers

Disadvantages of the medium size mobility scooter

  • Solid wheels. They do not absorb movement (can be exchanged for pneumatic wheels)
  • Machine without great damping
  • Lower motor power than a heavy duty mobility scooter or big size mobility scooter

If you are thinking of buying a medium-sized mobility scooter or if you have doubts about what type of scooter is the best to buy, you can contact us on the phone +34 915701682, at the mail or in our Scooter rental and sale and mobility solutions store in Madrid. We will be delighted to assist you.