Pool Hoists

Pool hoists are essential for patients and people with reduced mobility who need to enter a pool for rehabilitation exercises or swimming, thus making it an accessible pool.

What are pool cranes for?

The pool hoists is a device that manages to make our pool an accessible pool, allowing people with reduced mobility to access it. For this, there are different types of hoists or lifts that will ensure that the patient or user can immerse themselves in the pool either to do their rehabilitation exercises, to swim or for pure leisure.

Types of pool hoists

More than types of pool hoists, we could talk about the different methods to immerse a person with reduced mobility in a pool. We have, for example, the traditional pool lift, whose attack formula starts from its attachment to the ground by means of a robust support foot.

Once anchored to the ground, the patient is held with a harness and the transfer begins, making a movement from top to bottom until the person is in the water.

On the other hand, there is the hydraulic pool lift, which is also anchored to the curb of the pool through different support points and which consists of a chair in which the patient is placed.

This chair will tilt on an axis that will place it on top of the pool with the user already seated in it. After that, a mechanism will activate the lift to gradually get the user into the pool.

Pool hoists are a great solution for houses with a pool and for users who need to get into the pool on prescription or for leisure. If you have any questions about which pool lift to buy or if you need to buy a transfer hoist or a standing hoist, you can contact us by phone +34915701682 or by mail tienda@accessiblemadrid.com.

We will be happy to assist you on which pool hoist is the best option for your needs. We have a large selection of pool hoists at the best price.