Slings for Hoists

Slings for mobile hoist, or for any type of lift, are a set of straps with a support designed to support the legs and trunk of a person by suspending it in the air with complete safety, in order to erect, lift or move the patient . They are an essential part of lifting and moving and home hoists, as well as for pool lifts.

Hoist slings for patients according to your needs

There are many types of hoist slings depending on the needs of the person with reduced mobility who needs to be moved or displaced. Let's see some types of slings that you can buy on our website.

  • Types of crane harnesses for people with reduced mobility
  • Ordering hoist sling 
  • Lifting hoist sling
  • Universal sling with headrest
  • Wrap-around sling
  • Head sling
  • Vest for standing lift
  • Incorporating sling that adapts to the user's height
  • Sling for people suffering from unilateral or bilateral amputation
  • Hygiene sling
  • Extra padded universal sling
  • Transfer hoist sling
  • Mesh sling 
  • sling with lumbar back reinforcement for use with transfer lift

Depending on the needs and physical condition of the person who needs it, a hoist sling or another must be purchased. If you need advice on which sling to choose, you can access each of the hoist sling that we have on the web, all at the best value for money. In them you will see your specifications.

If you prefer, you can also contact us through the mail