Standing Hoists

The standing hoists are very useful for people with reduced mobility, who cannot get up and stand up without help. At Accessible Madrid we offer you a selection of standing hoists at the best price and with the highest quality.

What is a standing lift for?

The standing hoists are very useful for those with reduced mobility, those patients who cannot sit up and stand up. They are designed to facilitate this incorporation from a chair, from the bed and even from the floor.

The purpose of using a standing hoist can be very varied, from going to the bathroom to moving around the house. It is also useful to change clothes to the sick person or even to put on a diaper. The support person will perform this task without great effort and without harming the patient with sudden movements.

Who can use the standing lift?

The patient who needs a standing hoist does not have enough strength to stand up but can support himself on his legs. The standing hpist will lighten the patient's own weight. For this reason, these types of electric hoists are not suitable for any type of patient and it is necessary to know well the needs of the patient to know if he can use the standing hoist or not.

If you have any questions about buying a standing hoist or do not know which one to choose or whether to buy a transfer hoist, you can contact our store in Madrid to buy a standing hoist and other products for people with reduced mobility. We will be happy to help you