Passive Wheelchairs

Non-self-propelled manual wheelchairs are those that require a companion to push the wheelchair. We offer a large selection of models for all needs: steel, aluminum, positioning, transport, etc. For more information you can contact us by sending an email to

  • Forta Line passive wheelchair

    Quick and easy folding
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Teyder Rambla 1405SR

    Portable, robust, folding and compact wheelchair. Steel made.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Invacare Alu Lite

    Manual folding wheelchair. Lightweight. Aluminum frame.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Mini Transfer 2

    lightweight, portable, folding and compact wheelchair.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Karma S-Ergo 125

    Lightweight, manual, folding and Attendant propelled wheelchair. Weight 12,7Kg.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy Style R

    Aluminum folding chair with reclining backrest
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Apex Transit

    Transport wheelchair. Lightweight and foldable. Frame made of aluminum.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy 90 non self-propelled

    The standard manual wheelchair for basic needs. Steel frame
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy Style

    The Breezy Style is one of the lightest wheelchairs in the standard aluminium market.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Teyder Minitrans 1426SR

    Transport wheelchair. Recommended for tight spaces or short transfers. Weight: 6.7 kg
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Forta Line Kuvo

    Non-self-propelled wheelchair, super light (12 kg) and very narrow to pass without problems through any space.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Saby 30

    Lightweight and foldable aluminum wheelchair. Quick-Release system for easy removal of wheels.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Bobby Folding Transfer Chair

    Compact and Foldable Transfer Chair
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Invacare REA Clematis Pro

    Equipped with an angle-adjustable seat, the REA Clematis Pro provides a range of pressure relieving positions.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Gades Gap

    Very light chair, made of aluminum, supports 130 kg. It adapts to the sitting needs of each user. The Gades Gap chair allows multiple adjustments to adapt to most users.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • PS-251 Evacuation chair

    Evacuation chair available with manual or electric track system.
    VAT included - Free Shipping

You should buy a non-self-propelled wheelchair if ...

Non-self-propelled manual wheelchairs are those with small wheels. Its great utility is defined by its ability to move in narrow or confined environments. The great handicap, however, is that these manual chairs always have to be propelled, or pushed by a companion person who will be the one who will mobilize the wheelchair user from one place to another.

Therefore, these non-self-propelled wheelchairs are indicated for those with reduced mobility who do not have the ability to propel their wheelchair autonomously and who cannot use their arms to do so, unlike what happens with users of a self-propelled manual wheelchair.

Differences between a NOT self-propelled manual wheelchair and a self-propelled one?

  • The type of user: NON self-propelled chairs will be pushed by a companion person, who will be located at the back of the chair.
  • The type of wheels: Non-self-propelled chairs usually have small wheels, since their great value is that they can move more easily through small spaces.
  • The type of use: As we noted before, the type of use of non-self-propelled wheelchairs is that of people who need to move their chair through confined and narrow spaces such as a small apartment, narrow corridor, a narrow elevator or an inaccessible building.

Although these differences are general, there are very versatile wheelchairs that overcome some of the disadvantages mentioned. For example, the Forta Line Giro manual wheelchair is a chair that assembles the two types of wheels, large and small, indistinctly, having the advantages of each of these options at all times. Another case is the Narrow Self-Propelled Wheelchair, which is a self-propelled manual wheelchair that mounts large diameter but well embedded wheels whose wheels are integrated under the frame of the chair itself, which means that it does not have a excess width and can move through hallways, narrow doors and other narrow environments.

How can you choose the best manual wheelchair?

On the Accessible Madrid website you can buy NON self-propelled wheelchairs. If you want to buy one and have any questions, our technicians have written for you the Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Manual Wheelchair for each user where you can see the differences with self-propelled ones. You can also rent a wheelchair in the wheelchair rental section or visit our store in Madrid to buy and rent manual wheelchairs and other mobility products. We will be delighted to assist you.