Pediatric Wheelchairs

Pediatric wheelchairs are chairs specially design for users who need to be or spend time in a wheelchair for children. There are different characteristics that differentiate one from the other and, above all, that differentiate the type of use and the type of user of the child seat.

  • Zippie Salsa R2

    Fully adjustable standard seating system that grows with your child
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Zippie Salsa M2

    The power wheelchair for kids with indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Zippie Salsa M2 Mini

    The Narrowest mid-wheel drive powered pediaric wheelchair on the market
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Stroller Umbrella reclining backrest

    Stroller for children with cerebral palsy, made of high-strength aluminum
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Zippie TS

    Zippie"s original paediatric tilt-in-space rigid wheelchair
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Zippie TS folding

    Zippie's original paediatric tilt-in-space wheelchair
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Stroller Umbrella backrest

    Specially designed for the mobility of little ones
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Kittos Little

    Lightweight folding electric chair for children. One of the most complete on the market. 20Ah lithium battery. 22Km autonomy.
    VAT included - Free Shipping

Pediatric wheelchairs offer a wide variety of features that make them suitable for children in different circumstances. From children who are going to need a pediatric wheelchair because they have injured their leg, which depending on the time they need it, can buy or rent a wheelchair for children, to children with major mobility complications or even children with cerebral palsy..

How to know which pediatric wheelchairs to buy

As we say, for each child, and for each case, there is a type of wheelchair that will be most useful. From lightweight, portable positioning chairs to strollers for children with cerebral palsy, which are made from high-strength aluminum. In addition to these types of chairs, at Accessible Madrid we also offer the possibility of buying folding or rigid children's wheelchairs with a tilting system that reaches up to 45 degrees.

Electronics also come into play in some more equipped electric chairs for children, which, in addition, become adjustable in dimensions so that the child can continue to use during their growth.

If you have any questions or want us to advise you when buying a pediatric child wheelchair, you can contact us on the phone +34915701682, through the mail or in our store in Madrid to buy and rent wheelchairs.