Telescoping Ramps

At Accessible Madrid we have prepared a selection of folding telescopic wheelchair ramps. You can buy yours according to your needs and the length of the staircase or the barrier you want to overcome.

Telescopic Ramps for Wheelchairs

The telescopic ramps for wheelchairs are a type of ramp composed of two individual sections that are placed in parallel to overcome any staircase or architectural barriers. They are called telescopic ramps because each section, each ramp, can be deployed, expanding the total length to create a slope with the least possible inclination.

Telescopic ramps facilitate access to buildings not accessible to wheelchair users.

Folding telescopic ramps

The advantage of telescopic ramps is that, as we have said, the two sections can be folded once they have been used, so they are easily portable and fit anywhere for storage.

At Accessible Madrid we have prepared a selection of telescopic ramps at the best price for you to buy your wheelchair ramp according to the length you need.

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