Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are suitable for people with back problems or people who tend to sleep in bad positions. Latex is a material that adapts to the shape of the body, achieving pressure relief. The latex mattresses are very elastic and natural and adapt perfectly to the contour of the body so that they offer us a feeling of comfort, similar to that of memory foam mattresses.

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    100% latex mattress with waterproof and fire retardant polyurethane cover
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What are the advantages of a latex matress?

One of the great advantages of natural latex mattresses is their great durability. They can last more than 10 years without losing their initial benefits and continue to offer great comfort at rest. In the case of orthopedic natural latex mattresses, they do not include springs since these can make it difficult to rest in the case of people who must spend a lot of time in bed.

Orthopedic latex matresses

Natural latex orthopedic mattresses offer ideal stiffness, include multi-zone mattresses with differentiated support to offer different rest areas depending on the pressure.

In addition, the latex mattress is characterized by being athermic, flexible and fungicidal.

Natural Latex Matresses

Conventional natural latex mattresses should not be used on bed bases or slatted bases that do not have ventilation, even those mattresses that combine 100% natural latex and springs, as they can present problems with humidity. Latex mattresses are not recommended for patients who spend many hours in bed, but are still in demand by many people who are used to sleeping on this surface.

Latex is a natural product that comes from the resin of Hevea brasiliensis or rubber tree. This is the most elastic material known. The characteristics of latex such as elasticity, firmness and durability make it an ideal component for a mattress.

What is latex material?

Natural latex is a colloidal aqueous suspension composed of some fats, waxes and various gummy resins obtained from the cytoplasm of laticiferous cells present in some angiosperm plants and fungi. It is frequently white, although it can also present orange, reddish or yellowish depending on the species, and milky in appearance.

Latex mattresses are not recommended for people at risk of bedsores, since they perspire less and the skin suffers. Latex mattresses usually have a lower price than other types of orthopedic mattresses such as memory foam mattress or anti-decubitus air mattress.

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