Walkers without Wheels

The walker without wheels for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, is a tool that will help the user to walk safely. It is ideal for people who do not maintain good stability in the legs.

Is a walker with wheels or without wheels better?

The first thing we have to think about is the type of walker that we or the person for whom we are going to buy the walker need. The walker without wheels, in addition to being an aid for walking, is an aid for stability and, above all, the best tool to avoid accidents in the movement of the elderly person or the person with reduced mobility.

The rollator without wheels is the optimal choice for ...

As it is a walker without wheels, the four blocks of the legs will sit very safely on the ground, so this type of walker will be indicated for people who, although they can stand up, have weak legs and cannot stand the foot. weight of the body, making the movement unstable and dangerous.

The rollator without wheels usually has the four legs adjustable in height to adapt well to the height of the user. It also comes equipped with grips that will allow a better grip that will prevent your hands from slipping. It should be taken into account, of course, that people who choose to buy a walker without wheels, must have more or less firm arms since they will be the ones who will have to move the walker in its movement, compared to users of walkers of 2 wheels or 4-wheel walkers or rollators, which take advantage of the movement of the walker itself to walk.

Thus, the walker without wheels is an optimal choice for people who are at risk of losing their balance while traveling and for people who come out of a period of inaction and have to start walking.

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