4-Wheel Walkers

The 4-wheel walkers are aimed at the elderly or people with reduced mobility. At Accessible Madrid we offer you the best four-wheel walkers in value for money.

What are four-wheel walkers like?

This type of walkers, also called "4-wheel rollators", are walkers that rest on four points where the wheels are located. Although they are called 4-wheel walkers, the truth is that, depending on the model, they can have four wheels, six wheels (four in front and two behind) and up to eight wheels, arranged in four pairs.

You can buy a four-wheel walker to ...

Four-wheel walkers allow a much more fluid movement than walkers without wheels or two-wheel walkers, which is why they are especially suitable for the elderly or people with reduced mobility who maintain enough stability and strength to hold the walker so that it does not end up running wild.

Four-wheel walkers that have brakes on the handles provide security when moving so, if you have doubts as to whether the patient or elderly person will have enough strength to keep the walker stable, the option of buying a four-wheel walker with brakes or even a rollator would make sense.

The vast majority of four-wheel walkers also have a seat that allows the user to rest. Also some of these walkers have a bag that allows you to transport your daily groceries or other items.

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