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Memory foam mattresses


Memory foam pressure relief mattresses are designed for people at low risk of pressure ulcers. For people without mobility or at high risk of pressure ulcers it is more advisable to put an anti-decubitus air mattress with a compressor.

The central core is generally foaming and may include some additional layer as an additive. The upper part, the mattress cover, is memory foam. The thickness of this lid may vary.

Memory foam is used more and more frequently in the rest sector because its characteristics are the most recommended for quality rest: perspiration and medium firmness that respects the pressure points of the body.

Memory foam mattresses sink depending on the weight they receive, thus minimizing hyperpressure points (coccyx, heels, shoulders, ...) and achieving a wider support surface.

Accessible Madrid online store offers different models of Memory foam mattresses, all of them of he highest quality and at a very competitive price. Our team of professionals can advise you on the most suitable product for your needs.

We offer you the highest quality products and a very competitive price.

If you have any questions about the model to choose, we are here to help you, contact us.

A moulded waffle mattress made of high resilency foam with high density

170 €
VAT Incl.

Combiflex memory foam mattress 200x90x15 cm. for prophylaxis of pressure ulcers

215 €
VAT Incl.

Memory foam molded memory foam anti-decubitus mattress with HR foam insert

245 €
VAT Incl.