Hoists for the elderly or for sick people are a great solution for indoor mobility. Whether they are standing, moving, or swimming pools ... hoists are a basic tool for lifting people who have seen their mobility reduced to the point of having to spend time in bed or in a chair without moving.

At Accessible Madrid we offer our clients a wide variety of mobility products for people with reduced mobility, among which are hoists for the elderly or for the sick with very limited movement capacity.

What are Hoists for sick people or for the elderly

The fundamental role that a hoist for the elderly provides is to lift the person from the bed or the place where they usually spend the day without being able to move.

It is a very necessary technical aid product for those patients who have seen their mobility limited in such a way that they have to lie down without being able to move by themselves.

This type of old person or sick person can be faced by falls if they move without the help of a hoist.

Types of Hoists for sick people or the elderly

To choose the type of hoist that a person needs, it is essential to be guided by professionals. At Accessible Madrid we have been assisting our clients for many years.

There are different types of hoists for people according to their needs, both for mobility and for reasons of size, weight or space.

Standing hoists

This type of hoist is recommended for people who have good muscle tone and are independent enough to easily maintain a sitting posture.

The bipedestration hoist is usually used to lift the patient and make easy changes of place, as well as diaper changes, sheets ... while the person is standing on the lift.

To show it in a graphic way, most hoists for lifting patients tend to function as if they were a swing, in which the person with reduced mobility hangs from a raised axis from which two stabilizers or harnesses hang that the patient can hold on to.

Transfer hoists for the elderly

Here the movement changes and it is not only a matter of lifting the patient but of carrying him from one place to another, either in a sitting or lying position.

Pool hoists

Pool hoists allow the patient to be introduced into the water without having to make any effort. These hoists are designed to immerse the person in leisure pools or in therapeutic pools, where they must perform some type of exercise. For this reason, pool hoists are a great tool for the recovery or maintenance of good muscle tone for people with very limited mobility.

How to buy a hoist for the sick or elderly?

As always in these cases, buying a hoist for the elderly is not easy and you have to get advice from specialists.

At Accessible Madrid we have been serving our clients for many years and we are specialists in decision-making according to the characteristics and circumstances of the client who asks us for a service or product.

We have a wide range of Standing hoists, Mobile hoists, Pool hoists, Slings for hoists and other Accessories for hoists for patients.

If you are thinking of buying a lift for people, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +34 915701682, at tienda@accessiblemadrid.com or visiting us at our store in Madrid to buy products for people with reduced mobility. We will be delighted to assist you.