Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs

Transfer wheelchairs, also called transport wheelchairs, have a series of features that make them optimal for transferring the user in confined spaces such as an elevator, or buildings with narrow doors or narrow spaces. Foldable, light and narrow or super narrow, these wheelchairs are in high demand by our customers.

Folding and Super Narrow Shuttle Wheelchairs

As we have already said, transfer chairs are articles specially designed for the mobility and transport or transfer of the patient or user through small or narrow spaces such as an elevator, a boot or, for example, door frames that do not comply with accessibility regulation.

Transfer wheelchair features

  • Light / Ultralight
  • Folding
  • Narrow / Super Narrow

Why buy a transfer or transport wheelchair?

  • To enter small elevators
  • For hard-to-access boots
  • To access through narrow door frames
  • To get around narrow spaces
  • For transfers on trips
  • To take them up stairs

For any doubts or questions you may have, you can contact our team at our store specialized in wheelchairs in Madrid or at the email We will be delighted to assist you.