Tilt Wheelchairs

Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs are products indicated for those with very reduced mobility who have to sit in a wheelchair for long periods. One of the problems these people face is postural inaction and immobilization. Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs will allow you to make changes in posture through the tilting and movement of its components.

Why buy a tilt-in-Space wheelchair?

Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs will allow us to move the sick person, patient or person with reduced mobility with very little effort through different tilting positions exercised by different components of the wheelchair.

As these people need to spend long periods of time sitting in their wheelchair, they need to change their posture to avoid various problems caused by immobility, such as ulcers, skin bedsores or incorrect positioning of the body.

Features of tilt-in-space wheelchairs

  • They are manual chairs
  • They need a support person to carry out the tilts
  • They are indicated in people who spend a lot of time in them in the same position
  • Prevent bedsores and ulcers
  • They are heavier than a conventional manual wheelchair

In the case of observing bedsores on the skin of the patient, remember that there are products that can be very useful such as pressure relief mattresses or pressure relief cushions. All of this can be found in our pressure relief and mobility products store in Madrid. You can also send us an email to tienda@accessiblemadrid.com or call us at +34 915 701 682. We will be delighted to assist you.