Adjustable Beds and Accessories

Articulated beds or electric adjustable beds, are those specially designed for old people or patients with specific pathologies. These people who need this type of geriatric beds have in common that they have limited mobility and need to spend long periods of time in bed.

Buying articulated beds, electric adjustable beds, bed bases and other accessories are a great ally for people with any disease or pathology. This type of beds are a great tool for both old people, patients and their caregivers. Caregivers can assist people with limited mobility use these articulated beds in an easier way. These beds will make caragivers work more bearable.

Therefore, buying an articulated bed is an essential resource when the patient must spend most or all of their time in one of these electric adjustable beds.

Why should I buy an articulated bed?

As we have already said, electric adjustable beds or articulated beds are essential for both the patient and the people who care for him. What are the advantages?

  • Comfort: The patient will be able to sit up or lie down easily and without the need for effort, being able to move the body and certain joints.
  • Ease of help: The vast majority of geriatric beds today are electric, which allows quick and efficient handling, being of great help for caregivers.
  • Robust structure: In addition to finding electric beds, there are also those on the market that include a lift, which makes the patient's bed go up and down as desired.
  • Numerous accessories: articulated bed base, railings for articulated beds, tables, incorporators, articulated bed fastening systems ... In addition to the bed itself, this product comes with a multitude of accessories that will make its use even easier.

If you are thinking of buying one and do not know where to get electric articulated beds, you can contact us by phone +34 915701682, or send an email to, or visit us directly at our physical store in Madrid to buy mobility aids and beds for people with limited mobility.

At Accessible Madrid's online store we offer a broad range of mobility aids to help users rest with safety: electric adjustable beds, height adjustable beds, bedrails, tables for articulated beds, incorporators or fastening systems for this type of bed.

We also offer the possibility of hiring a very convenient home assembly service for our electric adjustable beds.