Beach and Pool Wheelchairs

Beach or Pool Wheelchairs are specially designed for leisure, free time or sports, although there are also wheelchairs specially designed for therapy or rehabilitation in a pool. These wheelchairs have some characteristics that we describe below.

  • SOFAO amphibious beach chair

    Perfect amphibious beach chair for people with reduced mobility
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  • EasyRoller MRI Wheelchair

    The first metal free wheelchair special designed for hospitals, swimming pools and SPA use
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  • Forta Trial Beach

    Submersible chair perfect for the beach thanks to the thickness of its wheels.
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  • Hippocampe beach wheelchair

    Hippocampe All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair - easy to push over the sand and into the sea
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Beach and pool wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs that can be used at the beach or pool can be designed for different uses and, therefore, have different characteristics. Thus, we can find wheelchairs for rehabilitation submerged in water, which are more designed for use in swimming pools, or wheelchairs more prepared for moments of leisure, free time or even sport, which may be used for swimming pools but are usually more designed for the special characteristics of a beach.

Wheelchairs for rehabilitation in water (swimming pool)

They are chairs prepared for swimming pools, SPAs, hospitals, residences, or rehabilitation centers.

Characteristics of wheelchairs for water rehabilitation

  • They do not usually have any metallic component
  • None of its pieces is rustproof.
  • It is an extremely strong and durable chair.
  • Does not float
  • It does not destabilize the user.
  • Wheelchairs for leisure and sports in water (beach)

These chairs have a special design and components that allow them to move on the sand and enter the sea without a great effort from the support person. Although there are several models that adapt to each circumstance, they all have characteristics that are usually common.

Characteristics of wheelchairs for leisure and sports in water (beach)

  • Wide and resistant wheels
  • Low weight materials
  • Non-oxidizable components (or with minimal maintenance)
  • Highly resistant and comfortable
  • They are usually a great option also for mountain or off-road.

If you are interested in buying a beach and pool wheelchair and you do not know which model is the best for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us in our store in Madrid to buy special wheelchairs for water, beach or pool . We will be happy to help you.