Within our wide range of Mobility products, we offer our clients this section where they can choose and buy the best walker on the market from our wide range.

What is a walker for?

At what point should you buy a walker for adults or a walker for the elderly? (Note: we understand that people often talk about walkers for the old people but, as a company philosophy, at Accessible Madrid we do not like to use these types of terminology).

Walkers for adults or seniors are a product encompassed within the so-called technical assistance, since they are tools that serve to allow people with reduced mobility to move safely.

How to choose the best walker for adults? 

When choosing the best adult walker for our needs, we must take into account a number of things such as:

Walker with or without wheels

The first choice to make is whether we are looking for a walker without wheels or on the contrary, we will need a walker with wheels. Among the first, the choice will focus on the weight and type of material. Choosing a rollator with wheels, we must also talk about issues such as the number of wheels.

According to this last criterion we will be thinking of walkers with 2 wheels or walkers with 4 wheels.

Walkers for adults with 2 wheels

They are walkers that carry the wheels on the two front legs, leaving the rear ones equipped with two blocks. They are used to facilitate the mobility of the person but not falling into unnecessary risks.

Walkers for adults with 4 wheels

They are walkers with a greater capacity for movement, so the decision to buy a walker for the elderly with 4 wheels should be more thoughtful. The person who uses it must be able to operate the brakes that this type of walker has.

Walkers for the elderly with seat

The seat is usually a very useful complement for the rest of the person who uses the walker.

Adult walkers with seat and backrest

More comfortable than the previous one, this time the person who wants to rest carrying the walker, will be able to relax the body more.

Walkers with basket

It is a very comfortable accessory that allows the person to go outside to run errands, which encourages a greater capacity for movement by being able to go to the street with it to shop.

Do you need to buy the best walker for adults?

As you can see, there is a wide variety of walkers for the elderly on the market so it is always good to find out before buying the best walker for the elderly according to our needs.

At Accessible Madrid we have been serving our customers for almost ten years and we are always willing to help themchoose the best walker, either by calling +34 915701682, by email at tienda@accessiblemadrid.com or at our store to buy products for people with reduced mobility in Madrid, very close to the Retiro Park.

We will be delighted to assist you. Among our range of walkers for the elderly we offer walkers without wheels, two-wheel walkers, 4-wheel walkers or Rollators.