Electric Adjustable Beds

Electric articulated bed are perfect for people with little or no mobility, since they offer a much more comfortable rest, as they facilitate the movement of the bedridden person independently and autonomously facilitating movement and access to caregivers and / or family to attend him.

What is an electric adjustable bed?

Electric articulated beds achieve different resting positions. These reclining beds are very versatile for people with respiratory or circulation problems. Electric articulated beds are an articulated bed base that moves by means of an electric motor to obtain different positions.

What type of electric adjustable beds do exist in the Market?

Depending on the joints or positions that have the types of electric beds are three. There are electric beds of two planes in which only the joint moves head and trunk and the legs are fixed.

There are electric beds of three planes in which the head and trunk move and also the legs remaining fixed the hip. There are electric beds of four planes that move like the one of three planes but in the legs there is a double movement that is vertical of the knee to the hip and horizontal in the inferior part of the body.

Last but not least, there are beds with a five-plane frame, which in addition to raising the trunk and legs vertically and horizontally, adjusts the position of the neck. It is the maximum degree of articulation, which helps people with mobility problems in the neck and neck.

At Accessible Madrid we recommend the purchase of electric adjustable beds with a 4 or 5 planes and lifting cart, as they offer the best benefits for the user.

In addition to the joints the electric beds are also classified in other ways and there are electric beds with one motor or two motors and individual electric beds and twin or double beds.

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