Height Adjustable Beds

Height Adjustable Beds reduce the risk of the patient falling because, despite having wheels, the bed base lowers to a very low height from the floor, thus facilitating access and incorporation of the patient to the bed.

What are the advantages of a height adustable bed?

The lowest height of the electric articulated bed with lift truck is up to 22 cm. This great advantage offered by Height Adjustable Beds give total safety for patients with dementia especially, since it does not pose any danger in case of fall and even in patients really reluctant to the railings, these could be avoided. In addition to an elegant design, the Height Adjustable Beds offer great performance for the patient who needs special care. Like the rest of the electric geriatric articulated beds, they can also incorporate bed rails for beds that are articulated in different ways, among other accessories. This type of beds allow the electric lifting of the bed using the control, facilitating the work of the caregivers. When we raise the height of the bed, we make it easier for the caregiver to perform daily tasks (eating, patient care, etc.) with minimal effort.

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