The ramps for people with reduced mobility are an essential help to overcome the many architectural barriers that we face every day in our environment. At Accessible Madrid we have selected a series of mobility ramps that we present below.

Ramps for people with reduced mobility

As our users already know, at Accessible Madrid we are totally against using expressions such as ramps for the disabled, words that we find too often on the Internet and in common life.

For this reason, we speak of ramps for wheelchairs, ramps for mobility scooters, or ramps for people with limited mobility.

What types of Ramps are there?

Although the list of accesses is very varied, in our store you can find:

Suitcase type folding ramps

Suitcase ramps are a type of folding ramp that is used for people with reduced mobility, either by going in a wheelchair, on a mobility scooter, or walking with a cane, with an adult walker or any other type of support, to save slopes or small steps.

These folding ramps are very easy to position and usually combine low weight with great resistance.

Telescopic ramps for wheelchairs

The main characteristic of telescopic wheelchair ramps is that they are of a very high length. Its usefulness is to create a long surface that generates a small degree of elevation to allow the person in a wheelchair to move upwards without great effort.

Rail ramps

Rail ramps allow us to overcome small slopes or steps when we operate a wheelchair, or a mobility scooter. These ramps are made up of two rails that will allow you to advance along it.

Curb or threshold ramps

As its name suggests, these types of ramps are designed to overcome small curbs or even obstacles that we usually find on the floor of the doors. They are very simple to install and very light ramps, making them easy to handle and transport.

At Accessible Madrid we offer you the best variety of folding suitcase ramps on the market, telescopic ramps, rail ramps and threshold ramps or curbs. If you want to buy a ramp for a person with limited mobility, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +34 915701682, by email: tienda@accessiblemadrid.com or visit us at our physical store in Madrid to buy products for people with limited mobility.