Hoist Accesories

At Accessible Madrid we have included a broad selection of hoist accessories for people with reduced mobility and sick people who need to use a hoist or lift to move. We have selected all the products with the best value for money.

Hoist accessories for people with reduced mobility

These are some of the hoist accessories for the sick people and those with reduced mobility. See our broad selection of products at Accessible Madrid. You can buy these products and other mobility products on our website.

  • Remote control for Birdie or birdie compact hoist
  • Front wheel for sunlift high performance hoist without brake
  • Sunlift hoist control
  • Sunlift Micro, Mini, Midi and Major hoists
  • Virmedic battery charger
  • Control for Virmedic LInak hoist
  • Sunlift Electric hoist Battery
  • Battery for Birdie electric hoist
  • Reliant Electric Hoist Battery

If you have any questions, you can contact us via email: tienda@accessiblemadrid.com. We will be delighted to assist you.