At Accessible Madrid we offer a broad range of solutions for people with limited mobility who want to buy an electric or manual wheelchair. We have versatile wheelchairs, light, easy to transport and adjustable to each user, always with our guarantee and with a great value for money.

How to choose a wheelchair?

When someone decides to buy a wheel chair, normally this person faces a wide variety of products that, surely, will make him/her doubt. Our professional team, will assist you either by phone +34 915701682 or by email: tienda@accessiblemadrid.com on how to choose the right wheelchair model for your needs.

Our goal is to offer the best product and always at the best market price. We look at the needs of our client, both economically, being able to buy good value and well-adjusted wheelchairs according to their quality.

At Accessible Madrid we have extensive experience and therefore we can say that our clients can always buy a wide range of wheelchairs on the market according to their personal needs.

For almost a decade we have been offering: Folding Electric Wheelchairs, Rigid Electric Wheelchairs, Self-Propelled Wheelchairs, Non-Self-Propelled Wheelchairs, Narrow Transport Wheelchairs, Bariatric Wheelchairs, Beach or Pool wheelchairs, Tilting Wheelchairs, Sport Wheelchairs, Pediatric Wheelchair,Handbikes, all kinds of Accessories for Wheelchairs and Batteries for Electric Wheelchairs.

You can also visit our physical store in Madrid to buy products for people with limited mobility where we will be happy to advise you and offer you our best attention. We will be delighted to assist you.