Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Self-propelled manual wheelchairs are those that can be pushed by the user himself or by a companion. We have a large selection of models for all needs: steel, aluminum, positioning chairs, transport chairs, etc. For more information you can contact us by sending an email to

  • Vermeiren V100XL

    Manual wheelchair for overweight users. Folding double crossed braced aluminium frame.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy RubiX 2

    The manual wheelchair that meets a broad range of clinical needs
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Vermeiren Eclips XXL

    Aluminum foldable wheelchair with double cross. It can support a maximum weight of 200 kg.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy 90

    The standard manual wheelchair for basic needs. Steel frame
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy Style X

    It features a robust and rigid frame while keeping it lightweight. Transfers are easy.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy Premium

    The Breezy Premium is a rigid and stylish folding steel wheelchair
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Forta Trial Beach

    Submersible chair perfect for the beach thanks to the thickness of its wheels.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Karma Ergo Lite 2

    Lightweight self-propelled and folding wheelchair weighing just 10.3kg.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Forta Line Giro

    This manual wheelchair is robust, functional. Can rotate on its own axis 360º
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Forta Line Duo

    light wheelchair made of aluminum. Wheels can be switched to pass throught narrow doors.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy Style reclining backrest

    Breezy Style reclining backrest is an aluminum wheelchair with great reliability and style
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Standar S Eco2 wheelchair

    Wheelchair with different functionalities ideal for narrow spaces
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Triton multifunctional wheelchair

    Wheelchair with different functionalities ideal for the bathroom
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Inovys II tilting wheelchair

    Optimal user comfort
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Vermeiren D200P

    D200P is an ideal lightweight chair. Fully foldable and with a wide variety of adjustments, such as the adjustable angle paddles.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy RelaX 2

    Multifunctional Wheelchair. Multiple positions for sendentary users
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Breezy Style

    The Breezy Style is a specifically light aluminium folding wheelchair
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Gades Gap

    Very light chair, made of aluminum, supports 130 kg. It adapts to the sitting needs of each user. The Gades Gap chair allows multiple adjustments to adapt to most users.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Drive Medical Sentra EC

    Extra heavy-duty/bariatric wheelchair. Designed to support weights of up to 200 kg.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Invacare Action 3NG Comfort

    Manual wheelchair. Self-propelled. Reclining backrest. Aluminum frame
    VAT included - Free Shipping
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  • Invacare Action 3NG

    Lighweight chair offering a vast range of options and accessories to meet your requirements.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
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  • Invacare Action 5

    Designed for the more active user. Foldable wheelchair with a great driving performance
    VAT included - Free Shipping
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  • Invacare Action 2NG

    Low total weight for easy folding, handling and transportation. Good driving abilities.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Narrow Self-Propelled Wheelchair

    Narrow Self-Propelled Wheelchair for tight spaces and slim corridors
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Forta Line Standard

    Quick and easy folding
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Teyder Rambla 1404SR

    Portable, robust, folding, self-propelled wheelchair. Steel made.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Teyder Hercules 1410SR

    Reinforced bariatric chair for people with high weight
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Quickie Xenon 2

    The lightest folding wheelchair in the world.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
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  • Invacare REA Clematis Pro

    Equipped with an angle-adjustable seat, the REA Clematis Pro provides a range of pressure relieving positions.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Forta Sport Line

    Aesthetically perfect
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Vermeiren V300 XL

    Manual wheelchair for overweight users. Folding double crossed braced aluminium frame.
    VAT included - Free Shipping

You should buy a self-propelled wheelchair if ...

Self-propelled or self-propelled manual wheelchairs are those chairs that have large wheels installed with a metal ring around the circumference of each wheel. Said metal ring will serve the user of the chair to propel themselves autonomously. Therefore, this type of self-propelled wheelchair is indicated for people with reduced mobility who, although they have to use a wheelchair, are not limited from moving with them by pushing with their arms in a totally autonomous way.

In addition, this type of self-propelled chair can also be pushed by a support person, who will move the chair with the handlebar located at the rear, exactly as happens with non-self-propelled wheelchairs.

How is a self-propelled wheelchair different from a non-self-propelled one?

  • The type of user: As we have already said, self-propelled chairs can be pushed by the user of the chair or by a support person who will push from behind. The non-self-propelled wheelchair may only be pushed by a companion person.
  • The type of wheels: To make a clear difference, self-propelled wheelchairs must always have large wheels so that the user can easily reach the wheel rims with their arms to operate them. For their part, non-self-propelled wheelchairs will mount small wheels.

The type of use: Non-self-propelled wheelchairs, when mounting small wheels, become a very useful chair for confined spaces or places with little access such as an elevator, a narrow door or even floors and houses with corridors or narrow spaces , where a self-propelled wheelchair is not feasible. It must be said that these are general characteristics, however there are manual wheelchairs that have been designed to save all uses. Thus, the Forta Line Giro manual wheelchair is a chair that can mount both types of wheels, large and small, being able to use one or the other depending on the specific circumstance. On the other hand, the Narrow Self-Propelled Wheelchair, which is a self-propelled manual wheelchair whose wheels are integrated under the frame of the chair itself, which makes it not excessively wide and can move through corridors, narrow doors and other tight environments.

How to choose the best manual wheelchair?

At Accessible Madrid you can buy self-propelled or non-self-propelled wheelchairs. If you have any doubts about which of the two types will be better for you, our technicians have prepared for you the Ultimate Guide to buying the right manual wheelchair for each user where you can see different characteristics and models. You can also go to our wheelchair rental section, call us at +34 915 701 682 or visit our store in Madrid to buy and rent manual wheelchairs and other mobility products. We will be delighted to assist you.