Batec Mini 2

Batec Mini 2

The Batec Mini is our most compact handbike. Designed to be small without losing one bit of the quality and reliability Batec handbikes are known for, they come standard with latest-generation components that will improve and help you enjoy your mobility.

The Batec Mini add-on handbike saves you time on short daily trips and lets you enjoy your new mobility in urban areas or the countryside, going on long journeys, sightseeing or simply sharing a pleasant stroll.

With its design and 16" wheel, the Batec Mini and manual wheelchair together are extremely compact. Its smaller size and reverse gear make it unbeatable for getting around with absolute freedom and comfort in tight spaces. The Batec Mini comes standard with the all-in-one digital display panel, USB port, horn, front light and dual rear lights.

And all while still being able to easily detach the Batec handbike and still enjoy the comfort of your manual wheelchair in some settings, like inside a restaurant or your own home, thanks to our BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system.

Whenever you want, you can disconnect the Batec add-on handbike in less than the time it takes a person without any disability to get on or off a cycle or motorbike. Even users with very severe injuries can attach and detach our handbikes from their wheelchairs without help.

The definitive mobility tool

Batec electric handbikes are a comprehensive solution to your mobility problems:

+ Go from reduced mobility to augmented mobility, from needing help from others to being self-sufficient and proactive.

+ Get a 2-in-1: a motor for your wheelchair without sacrificing the benefits of a manual chair.

+ Overcome barriers: kerbs, cobblestones, irregular terrain? Don't let anything slow you down!

+ Attach it to your chair in just seconds without transfers. The fastest anchor system on the market!


At Batec Mobility they think that cumbersome equipment ends up gathering dust in a corner. This does not happen with their handbikes. This is because we follow the principles of universal design, or design for everyone. Therefore, all their handbikes are:

+ easy to use;

+ adequate for our users (even those with severe injuries);

+ flexible and adaptable;

+ simple and intuitive;

+ tolerant to accidental errors;

+ they require a low degree of physical effort to be used effectively;

+ and are the right size for users to reach, handle and use them.

From the beginning guided by these principles of universal design, Batec Mobility has worked intensively from the R+D+i deparment, developing proprietary technology to create add-on handbikes that are fundamentally practical and versatile.

Can you imagine turning your wheelchair into a tricycle as easily as someone with no disabilities gets on and off a bike or a motorbike? Thanks to the BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system, you can connect your wheelchair to any of our handbikes in just a few seconds. In addition, the BATEC SAFE-FEET stand frame ensures the device stays in the right position and minimises the effort required. Even users with serious injuries or severe disability can anchor an attachable Batec handbike autonomously.

Learn more on how to connect/disconnect your Batec from your wheelchair VIDEO.

Learn more on how to put the batec on the boot of your car VIDEO.

You can learn more about the Electric handbike Batec watching the folliowing VIDEO.

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Maximum speed: 20 Km/h

Autonomy: 22 km

Engine: Brushless 250 RPM high power motor. 900 W. March back.

Battery: Lithium 280Wh (7,8Ah) - IATA Approved. (Check other batteries available in "hoja de Pedido" attached)

Charger: Ultra-fast 4A charger

Chassis: Aluminum 7005 T6. Address 1/8 black

Handlebar: matt black aluminum

Brakes: Avid BB5 mechanical brakes, aluminum brake levers, 180mm Avid G2 disc rotor and parking brake

Wheel: 16 "Ultra Adherent Tire / 16" Black Double Wall Aluminum Rim

Weight: 13,9 Kg (without battery)

Standard equipment: 700 lumens front light - Double LED rear light on the stand - LCD screen All-in-one - USB port - Horn - BATEC ACOPLA support

Colors: Red - White - Gray

COOL BATEC ACCESSORIES: All the accessories to equip your Batec handbike

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 months on the batteries

21% VAT and transportation included

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