Kingon P2 oxygen concentrator

Kingon P2 oxygen concentrator

Kingon P2 oxygen concentrator is the Apex portable oxygen concentrator ideal for patiens who require oxygen therapy without giving up their lifestyle.

It is based on flow-on-demand technology. Compared to the technology that provides a continuous flow, in the flow on demand, the oxygen bolus is supplied to the patient at the beginning of the inspiration process.

Oxygen volume per minute (at sea level)

Compared to continuous flow equipment, Kingon P2 oxygen concentrator is compact (22.1 x 16 x 8.5 cm) and lightweight (1.98 kg), providing an oxygen flow with the same quantity and purity. The Kingon P2 provides the patient with an unlimited oxygen supply outside the home with an O2 concentration of 96%. The oxygen flow is adjustable in 5 levels.

The autonomy of the Kingon P2 is greater than 3 hours in position 2. The Kingon P2 has 24 types of notices that ensure proper operation of the equipment. It is designed to be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its large 2?8 "screen allows an adequate reading. The equipment incorporates filters that prevent the entry of dirt, lengthening its useful life. Supplied with a carry bag.


You can hold it up with one had easily

Mini Size

Very small size. Very easy to carry. 221 mm X 85 mm X 160 mm

Pulse Oxygen Supply

Kingon P2 oxygen concentrator is equivalent to 5 litres

Triple filtration

Dust, hair, pollen and granule.

Powerful compressor

High efficiency + Low noise + Excellent heat dissipation + Long Life

High efficiency molecular sieve

Better adsorption

6800 mA battery

Continuous and stable battery life

You can see all the features of the Kingon P2 oxygen concentrator device watching the folllowing VIDEO


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Dimensions (length x width x height): 22.1 x 16 x 8.5 cm

Weight: 1.98 kg

AC Input voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Operating mode: On request

Oxygen volume per minute at sea level:

+ Setting 1: 210 ml/min

+ Setting 2: 420 ml/min

+ Setting 3: 630 ml/min

+ Setting 4: 840 ml/min

+ Setting 5: 1000 ml/min

Internal battery life:

+ Setting 1: 3:40 hrs

+ Setting 2: 3:20 hrs

+ Setting 3: 2:54 hrs

+ Setting 4: 2:14 hrs

+ Setting 5: 1:50 hrs

Sound level 49 dBA (in setting 2)

Alarms 24 types of warnings

* Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 3 years on the product and 1 year on the batteries

VAT 21% and transport included

Free shipping in the Peninsula (check price for shipments to the islands or abroad).


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