Pool E-185 hoist

Pool E-185 hoist

Pool E-185 hoist is an Electric transfer pool hoist designed and manufactured for use in swimming pools. Wide tour and 360º turn that give it great versatility of use.

Choose the most suitable anchoring system for your facilities. You must select one base and one sling as accesories.

Features - Pool E-185 hoist

+ Rotation bases with mountable or screw-in bearings.

+ The Pool pool crane can be removed from the base if the chosen base is screwable.

+ Fully waterproofed.

+ Folding.

+ Detachable battery.

+ Maximum user weight: 185 kg.

+ Lifting range: 210 cm.

+ Electric and manual emergency lowering system

+ Specially designed and manufactured for use in swimming pools, it being necessary for its use to have at least a built-in rotation base or one that is anchored to the ground.

+ Its dimensions and versatility allow it to be used for the transfer of the person from the wheelchair to the water, offering great stability and easy handling.

+ Using the appropriate harness in each case and thanks to its wide travel it is possible, for example, to pick up a person from the ground.

+ It allows to have several bases installed in the pool and thus carry out the transfer in different places, as well as the speed to disassemble it from its base and place it in another, or store it in a dry place when the summer season ends.

+ The entire metal structure is built in a stainless steel profile with an external epoxy paint coating, which ensures extra protection against oxidation that can cause contact with chlorine in water.

+ It has ergonomic handles. Its turning radius is 360° and it is entrusted to a set of high quality bearings.

+ Power supply with internal charger, LCD screen that indicates the state of charge of the batteries and emergency stop button that disconnects the power supply stopping any mechanical movement produced electrically.

+ Detachable batteries. They can be recharged externally using an external charger (additional accessory).

+ Audible alarm: Low battery indicator

+ LINAK actuator from 10,000N to 24V. IP54 electrical protection. It has a mechanical system that allows the actuator to be lowered when it is loaded in the event of an electrical failure.

+ Keypad of the type "keep pressed to work". Two push buttons raise and lower the lift arm. It has IP51 protection.

+ The rotation bases can be installed from a minimum of 15 cm from the edge of the pool to a maximum of 50 cm.

Safety options - Pool E-185 hoist

- Control box with emergency stop and integrated charge indicator.

- Alarm alarm: low battery indication.

- Electrical and manual emergency lowering system.

- Epoxy paint coated stainless steel metal frame

You can see all the features of the Pool E-185 hoist watching the folllowing VIDEO

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Maximum lifting capacity: 185 kg

Maximum lifting range: 2.10 m

Total weight: 36.35 Kg

Hanger rotation: 360º

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

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