Battery Charger MK Powered LS 24/8 8a 24v

Battery Charger MK Powered LS 24/8 8ah 24v

MK Powered 24V 8A LS24 / 8 (or M-D-EN0801) automatic charger for wheelchairs with lead batteries (open, gel or AGM).

Its standard XLR output connector (05: round) is the ideal connector for wheelchairs.

This charger is equipped with 3 LED charge indicators:

- 1 for 100% load

- 1 for 50% load

- 1 for discharged battery

This new charger is made up of premium quality components and is compliant with CE, RAEEs and RoHS regulations. For all chargers, a voltage difference of 1 volt (V) does not represent a risk to your device and allows for optimized charging of the device. Select a charger of identical power (Watts - W) to the original charger. However, to shorten the charging time, you can choose a charger with a higher amperage (up to the limit of a quarter of the capacity: if your battery is 40 Ah, your charger should be 10A maximum).

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Dimension 205mm (L) x 148mm (W) x 192mm (H)

Volume 0.006cm³

Weight 1.8 Kg

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 6 months

21% VAT and transportation included

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