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Accessible Madrid & MADRID VECINA


Join MADRID VECINA, a project promoted by the NGO Grandes Amigos in collaboration with the Madrid City Council that seeks to improve the well-being and health of the elderly: we regenerate neighborhood ties and involve the entire neighborhood to detect and prevent loneliness.



EsploreEsplore are accessible restaurants created by ILUNION Retail. The philosophy of Esplore restaurants is based on accessibility. For this reason, Esplore restaurants have been designed with design criteria for all and are perfectly adapted to all disabilities. Likewise, their employees receive specific training to meet the specific needs of clients with disabilities, such as guiding and informing users who are blind people, who travel in a wheelchair or who have a hearing disability.More than 70% of Esplore employees have disabilities.

Al Altar Caminando


Giaffoglione Gina is a young woman who was bedridden in a wheelchair due to a terrible car accident. When Gina knew she would dress as a bride in the altar, she wanted to make it with his father, despite the sensitivity of his legs is zero. Gia, born in Omaha (Nebraska) practiced sport before the accident that left her paralyzed. For an athlete, perseverance and sacrifice are two main keys to getting results. Gina use both qualities over a year for his paralysis did not prevent her dreams come true.