Accessible Madrid & MADRID VECINA

Accessible Madrid & MADRID VECINA



Accessible Madrid joins the MADRID VECINA initiative. One of the guidelines that Accessible pursues is to integrate into society and be a solution as far as possible to the problems of our environment or our society. That is why we join the fight against loneliness of our elders.

Join MADRID VECINA, a project promoted by the NGO Grandes Amigos in collaboration with the Madrid City Council that seeks to improve the well-being and health of the elderly: we regenerate neighborhood ties and involve the entire neighborhood to detect and prevent loneliness.


MADRID VECINA is a neighborhood support network that seeks to detect and prevent situations of loneliness in older people. We connect neighbors, businesses, social agents of public administrations, neighborhood associations ... Together we form a network of 'antennas' to be aware of the elderly in our environment, know if they are or feel alone, give them a hand in what they need and facilitate their socialization and participation in the life of the neighborhood.

How does it work?

The pharmacy, the grocer, the health center, the neighbors themselves ... The whole neighborhood can participate in MADRID VECINA. In addition to being a detection network, we inform the elderly of the different accompaniment, socialization and support options they need, such as ... volunteer organizations, neighborhood associations, Social Services, Municipal Health Centers, Equality Spaces, Police , etc. In this way, we make the most appropriate nearby resources available to each elderly person according to their needs and preferences.

Through this neighborhood network we also promote awareness-raising activities to spread the reality of the elderly, favoring their inclusion and a dignified treatment of old age.

Through MADRID VECINA you can participate in community projects such as Great Neighbors


What should you know about loneliness and aging?

Loneliness is a subjective feeling that can occur in anyone, not just the elderly. Sometimes it is difficult to identify, even to recognize for those who feel it. It can lead to social exclusion and isolation and affect well-being and physical and psychological health. Therefore ... the best way to prevent it is acting from the neighborhood and community. So, in addition to mapping the resources available in the neighborhood, we offer tools and recommendations to learn to detect possible situations of loneliness and isolation or at risk of being so.

  • To begin with, it is important not to stigmatize loneliness; if not, there may be people who do not dare to ask for support.
  • It must be naturalized as something that can happen to anyone in an increasingly lonely and aging society. We are all going to be older, and what we do today to enjoy a more inclusive neighborhood benefits those who are aging today and those who are aging tomorrow.
  • Nor do all situations correspond to the same profile: older people are diverse, like the rest of society. Let us treat them equally and with dignity, without paternalism or infantilizing them.



If you live or work in Arganzuela, Retiro or Villaverde, or if you already participate in some way in these districts, you can be part of the MADRID VECINA project and do your bit to improve the lives of the elderly. Sign up now and create community in your neighborhood. This is an open and dynamic project that allows very diverse forms of participation, you will surely find the one that best suits you.

If you live in the neighborhood ...

Join your neighborhood detection team. Pay attention to the elderly around you in case you detect a possible case of loneliness, inform the elderly person of this initiative and contact the neighborhood network.

Participate in specific training and / or awareness activities on loneliness and aging. Find out about other volunteer options available at Grandes Amigos.

If you work in an entity or resource ...

You can sign up to participate and help the elderly in the neighborhood.

If you have a local business ...

You can also join the neighborhood network and collaborate in the prevention of situations of loneliness. From Madrid Vecina we will offer you basic advice so that you learn to detect possible cases of loneliness among the elderly who come to your business and you can help them.