Drive Medical Sentra EC

Drive Medical Sentra EC

The Drive Medical SENTRA EC bariatric folding manual wheelchair has been designed to support the weight of obese people weighing up to 200 kg. Chassis in carbon steel with triple chrome. Double vinyl upholstery for durability and easy to clean. Padded and removable desk armrests provide additional comfort and allow access to tables. Solid front and rear wheels without maintenance. Seat width 56 cm. Seat depth: 46 cm. Chair weight: 26 kg. Accessible Madrid offers folding manual wheelchair rental service in Madrid for people with limited mobility or disability.

Accessible Madrid offers this folding manual bariatric wheelchair rental service in Madrid provided directly either at our store (in the city center) or with home delivery service in the city center. The wheelchair rental service in Madrid is very useful for when traveling to Spain, vacation, post-operative recovery processes, convalescence, etc.

- Material: Steel

- Max. User weight: 200 kg / 440.92 lbs

- Seat width: 56 cm / 22.04 in

- Seat depth: 46 cm / 18.11 in

- Seat height: 50 cm / 19.68 in

- Length and Width of the chair (unfolded): 107 x 80 cm / 42,12 x 31.49 in

- Chair weight: 26 kg / 57.32 lbs

- If you are looking for a bariatric wheelchair and you weigh less than (200 kg or 440.92 lbs).

- If you are larger and heavier than an average wheelchair user (Max. Loading capacity 200 kg or 440.92 lbs).

- If you are looking for special features found on a bariatric wheelchair may include: stronger materials and reinforced design, wider seat made of heavy duty material, Multiple adjustments to accommodate a variety of body sizes and heavy duty footrests.

- If you had a surgery or medical treatment that limits your mobility.

- If an overweighted person is no longer able to move using his/her own legs.

- If you are looking for a bariatric wheelchair that typically have wider seats than a standard wheelchair, which makes them easier to use and more comfortable for overweight people.

- If you are looking for a bariatric folding wheelchair. No need to disassemble the footrest. It fits even in car boots.

- The armrests are detachable and can be folded back.

- If you are traveling by car, train, boat or a plane.

- If you are looking for comfort and if you weigh less than 200 kg or 440.92 lbs)

- If you do not want to get a flat tire. Its wheels are rubber solid.

- Great for access to public transport in the city.

- If you are looking for an elegant wheelchair chair.