The Trotter lightweight folding pediatric wheelchair provides transport solutions to the youngest of the family. 20 cm front wheels and 20 cm rear wheels with foot brake. Positioning pelvic belt and five-point "H" harness with padded straps. The padded and reversible strap increases user comfort. Adjustable and removable folding footstools that adjust independently. Super narrow and maneuverable in small spaces. Safe and comfortable for the user. Ideal for daily use and travel. Seat width 41 cm. Maximum weight: 77 kg. Chair weight: 16.5 kg.

Accessible Madrid offers folding manual lightweight pediatric wheelchair rental service in Madrid for children with limited mobility or disability. Accessible Madrid offers this folding manual pediatric wheelchair rental service in Madrid provided directly either at our store (in the city center) or with home delivery service in the city center. The wheelchair rental service in Madrid is very useful for when traveling to Spain, vacation, post-operative recovery processes, convalescence, etc.

- Lightweight folding frame with closure strap that holds the chair shut when folded.

- Black machine washable fabric.

- Weight capacity 169 lbs.

- Seat width: 16”.

- Seat depth: 14”-16” (adjustable).

- Back height: 24”.

- Seat to floor: 22”.

- Product weight without front rigging 36 lbs.

- Adjustable seat angle - 15° and 22°.

- Adjustable back angle - 85°, 90° and 95°.

- Positioning pelvic belt and five point “H” harnesswith padded strap covers. The reversible padded strap and covers increase comfort, one side is imitation lamb’s wool and the other is velour.

- Swing-away footrests are independently adjustable and removable.

- If you are looking for a lightweight, portable, folding and compact wheelchair for children. It is made of aluminum and it is easy to fold. Also the backrests folds.

- Is you are looking for a lightweight folding frame with closure straps, making it ideal for simple transportation.

- If you are looking for a seat and back angles to be adjustable to fit the specific needs of most children, and the reversible, imitation lambs wool/ velour, positioning pelvic belt and five point “H” harness provide unmatched safety and comfort.

- Once folded even no need to disassemble the footrest, being so compact, it fits even in small trunks.

- If you are traveling by car, train, boat or a plane. The chair has small dimensions.

- If you weigh up to 169 lbs.

- If you do not want to get a flat tire. Its wheels are rubber solid.

- Great for access to public transport in the city.

- If you are looking for an elegant chair for children.