Breezy Premium

Breezy Premium

The Breezy Premium is a robust folding manual wheelchair (self-proppelled). Once folded, even without disassembling the footrests, it fits perfectly in the trunk of any car. Safe and comfortable for the user. Solid anti-puncture wheels. Available with adjustable footrest accessory to keep the leg horizontal or raised. Seat width 46 cm. Total width 65 cm. Weight 16.5 kg. Maximum user’s weight 125 kg. Accessible Madrid offers folding manual wheelchair rental service in Madrid for people with limited mobility or disability.

Accessible Madrid offers this wheelchair rental service in Madrid provided directly either at our store (in the city center) or with home delivery service in the city center. The wheelchair rental service in Madrid is very useful for when traveling to Spain, vacation, post-operative recovery processes, convalescence, etc.

- Seat width: 46 cm.

- Seat Depth: 42 cm.

- Seat Height: 48 cm / 45.5 cm (22“ and 6“) / 50.5 cm.

- Seat Angle: 3º.

- Backrest Height: 44,5 cm

- Overall width: Seat width + 19 cm (24“ wheels).

- Overall length: 103 cm ( 24" wheels) 95 cm ( 12" wheels).

- Overall height: 94 cm.

- Total Weight: 52 cm.

- Total Width: 65 cm.

- Folded width: 31 cm.

- Material: Steel.

- Seat tilt: No.

- Product weight: 16.5 kg (standard configuration seat width).

- Max user weight: 125 kg.

- Available with Elevating Foot Leg Calf Rest Pad to keep your leg raised or in horizontal position.

- If you are looking for a lightweight, portable, folding and compact wheelchair. It is made of steel and it is easy to fold. Also the backrests folds.

- Once folded even no need to disassemble the footrest, being so compact, it fits even in small trunks.

- Its design combined with 25mm tubing gives great strength and durability. The tubular cross tubes have no screws or brackets, improving the rigidity of the chair and hence aiding rolling efficiency.

- To change the centre of gravity the axle plate position must be changed. This allows you to create a more active or more stable wheelchair, or a smaller turning radius, depending on the depth of the chair.

- The armrests are detachable and can be folded back.

- Super narrow and maneuverable in tight spaces, passing through narrow corridors or doors where no pass conventional chairs.

- Safe and convenient for the passenger.

- If you are traveling by car, train, boat or a plane. The chair has small dimensions.

- If you are looking for comfort and if you weigh less than 125 kg.

- If you do not want to get a flat tire. Its wheels are rubber solid.

- Great for access to public transport in the city.

- If you are looking for an elegant wheelchair chair.

- Available with Elevating Foot Leg Calf Rest Pad to keep your leg raised or in horizontal position.