Gecko 160 Seat Stair Climber

Gecko 160 Seat Stair Climber 

The Gecko Seat 160 Stair Climber is ideal for people with greater freedom of movement. It also has a footrest.

The Gecko seat 160 stair climber allows people with mobility disabilities to go up and down any type of stairs in complete safety. The automated system allows any companion to operate it effortlessly. The patented anti-tip technology guarantees zero errors, accidents or unforeseen events when going up or down stairs. Gecko is universal and can be used immediately.

From today you will be able to go up and down any type of stairs with complete safety.


Recognition of the beginning and end of the step.

Suitable for all types of stairs

Can be used immediately

Patented anti-tip system

Comfortable position during use

Customizable features

Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar is height adjustable to adapt to the operator during maneuvers up and down stairs.

Headrest adjustable in height and depth

The headrest adapts to different positions to give the user greater comfort when using this aid.

Control Panel

Ignition key, Emergency button, Speed regulator, Battery indicator, Operating time counter, Key selector for use: automatic, semi-automatic and manual, Tilt selector for coupling to a wheelchair.

Rear support handles

The rear support makes it easier to operate the stairlift on flat ground. The red button activates the front anti-tip system and allows the stairlift to automatically tilt when approaching the first step down.

Step Edge Recognition Unit

The system allows you to recognize the edge of the first step when going down.

Front anti-tip device (patented)

The patented technology provides stability to the machine on stairs by always sitting on two steps. The stair climber is the only one who does not have problems with loss of balance during the intermediate stage of going up and down between steps. In addition, the device allows you to move on steps of 10 to 24 cm without any type of regulation.

Led indicator of correct position

The LEDs located on the upper part of the handlebar allow you to view the correct position of the machine on the edge of the step when descending (left grip) and on the rear riser when ascending (right grip). The system, being very intuitive, has LEDs with red or green lights.

Position probes

The front and rear position probes allow the machine to automatically recognize the correct position of the stairlift on the steps and provide indication of the control LEDs on the handlebar.


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Total weight: 62.20 kg

Rudder weight: 19.5kg

Stair lift structure weight: 42.7 kg

Max user weight: 160 kg (optionally expandable to 180 kg)

Minimum dimensions: (LxDxH) / (LxDxH) 535x1015x1290

Maximum dimensions: (LxDxH) / (LxDxH) 535x1070x1450

Minimum ladder width: 55 cm

Minimum step width: 20 cm

Min-max height of the step: between 10 cm and 24 cm

Minimum space to maneuver: 85 cm x 85 cm

Minimum space to maneuver (U-shaped staircase): 85 cm x 17 cm

Maximum speed (new battery with charge between 100% and 90%) (steps/minute): 18

Rear wheels diameter: 20 cm

Battery: 2 x (12 Vdc - 9 Ah)

Autonomy (new battery with initial charge between 100% and 90%) (number of steps that carry 80 kg):

-Ascending+Descending: 1200

-Rise: 600

-Download: 600

Autonomy (new battery with initial charge between 100% and 90%) (number of steps that carry 160 kg):

-Ascending+Descending: 380

-Rise: 190

-Downhill: 190

Autonomy with load indicator at 25% (number of steps with 80 g): 50

Average battery charging time (hours): 8h

Motor power: 350w

Outdoor temperature for use: between 0 and 40 degrees

Packaging dimensions L x P x H (mm): 800x650x900

Weight with packaging: 70 kg

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 3 years and 6 months on batteries

10% VAT and transportation included

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