Multifold Sky Ramp 90 cm

Multifold Sky Ramp 90 cm

The Multifold Sky Ramp 90 cm by Apex, folds wide and is easily transported like a suitcase. Unfolded it offers a generous step width of 71.5 cm. Suitable for manual or electric wheelchairs or scooters with 3 or 4 wheels. The Multifold Sky Ramp 90 cm is also light, robust and resistant. This is the only type of ramp that works to save steps or height when you have a 3-wheel electric scooter. Weight 6,11 Kg. These types of ramps, such as the Multifold Sky Ramp 90 cm is ideal for both home and travel. They offer a safe and simple solution for curbs and other obstacles. Being a single platform, it is not necessary to place them parallel to each other to calculate the width of the wheelchair or scooter, it is only necessary to know the total width of the chair or scooter to ensure that it fits inside the ramp.

Length & Width: 90 x 71.5 cm

Weight: 6,11 Kg

Material: Aluminum

Maximum weight capacity: 300 Kg

* Note: 10% is the recommended incline for independent access by wheelchair users

- You need to make your next event accessible for wheelchair users.

- Excellent short term accessibility solution because it can be used by all your guests regardless of their level of mobility.

- If you are looking for an incredible grip.

- Folds up for compact storage.

- Quick and easy to set up.

- Low kerbs and long beveled sides greatly increases ground clearance for scooters and power chairs.

- These ramps are made from light-weight aluminum and can be swiftly moved from one setting to the next.

- Durability and Strength. Aluminum wheelchair ramps are lightweight and yet stronger and more durable than a wood ramp. They do not succumb to the elements like wood ramps and have virtually no upkeep or maintenance like wood ramps.

- These short convenient ramps allow a wheelchair or scooter user to simply roll over a short step in or out of a building or residence.

- Vertical rise to overcome & Ramp incline: 45 cm (25%) | 30 cm (16,6%) | 22 cm (12,5%) | 17 cm (10%) | 15 cm (8,3%). *NB: 10% is the recommended inclination for independent access for wheelchair users.