The LG2004 Stair climber with tracks is a portable device that allows wheelchair users to climb or descend stairs safely and with the assistance of only one companion. It is a Stairway climber with ramps for tilting multi-purpose wheelchairs.


It is very important to note that in order to use the LG2004 Stair climber with tracks, in stair sections with a landing and turning at 90 or 180 degrees, the maneuver must be performed on a landing of a size of at least 130cm X 130cm, so that the device can rotate and is able to face the next stretch with their back.


Thanks to its special design and adjustable hooks the device is compatible with most wheelchairs in the market.


The LG2004 Stair climber with tracks can transport an adult person in a wheelchair with a total weight of up to 130kg, offering great safety and stability both to the user and to the driver. The user in the wheelchair will always depend on another person to go up or down the stairs.


The LG2004 Stair climber with tracks can be easily dismantled and allows for easy transport and storage in the truck of a car. No installation is required.

 Overall weight: 58 Kg.

 Weight 46 kg (the base), 12 kg (the handlebar), 0.7 kg (charger).

 Overall Overall Dimensions: 144x67x99 Cm.

 Motor Power: 300 W.

 Battery charger power: 220 V (80W).

 Transportable maximum weight: Kg 130.

 Autonomy with reserve indicator: 180 Steps.

 Maximum autonomy 60 plants (15 steps per plant) *.

 Maximum autonomy in reserve 4 floors (15 steps per floor) *.

 Minimum step width: 77 Cm.

 Minimum maneuvering space on a landing in L: 98x98 Cm.

 Minimum operating space on a U-landing: 98x170 Cm.

 Maximum slope: 70% 35°.

 Maximum speed: 15 steps per minute

This is your portable stair climber with tracks if your staircase has:

- Minimum maneuvering space on an L-shaped landing: 98x98 Cm.

- Minimum maneuvering space on a U-shaped landing: 98x170 Cm.

If you are looking for an easy and safe device to use

Very suitable if your staircase has mainly straight sections