Matia Robotics' new Tek RMD® mobility platform completely reinvents the way people with paraplegia and other walking disabilities can move around the world.

The Tek RMD® mobility device completely redesigns the way people with paraplegia, spinal cord injuries, and other walking disabilities are able to get around the world. Tek RMD® users can enjoy, hang out and chat with friends and family at eye level.

Tek RMD® gives you the ability to sit, stand and navigate independently and safely in previously inaccessible environments. The new Tek RMD® includes as standard the electric stand-up lift (to make it easier to go from a sitting position to a standing one). As an option there is an outdoor version (Outdoor Kit) and a Folding Transfer Seat. Tek RMD® is a patented technology, CE marked and FDA 510(k) cleared.

The reduced size of the Tek RMD® enables paraplegic or disabled users to be able to walk, go places and reach items that would not otherwise be available in a standard wheelchair, whether at home or at work. With Tek RMD®, users will have any object within reach, from those placed at low heights, such as those on high shelves, since the device is capable of keeping users upright or lowering their height when they need to bend down. to pick up something

When the disabled user needs to get on the Tek RMD®, they can guide the device to them with a remote control. Another advantage of this device is its width: much narrower than a wheelchair (about 60cm wide), it allows you to pass through door frames and elevators in a loose and comfortable way (measures 42cm wide and 75cm high ). its weight of 118 kg. and the stability provides at all times makes it the lightest mobility device on the market.

By minimizing the renovation required for living spaces, Tek RMD® often lowers the overall costs of living with a walking disability.

The Tek RMD® mobility device weighs 118 kilograms, and has the capacity to carry a person up to 120 kilograms. It has a range of 4.68 miles, with a maximum speed of 3.5 miles per hour.

Boarding from the back

Front and side wheelchairs can be a challenge when transferring from a sofa, bed or chair. This requires a person to raise their body with their arms and throw themselves into their wheelchair, these movements can be difficult and dangerous without assistance; especially considering other additional challenges. However, in any of these situations, a person's front is not obstructed. The user can access the Tek RMD® securely from the back of the device. Getting on and off the Tek RMD® can be done successfully, much more safely and without sitting assistance, giving you more independence.

Motorized electric lifter. Perfect for paraplegia

Going from a sitting position to a standing position with the Tek RMD® is quick and easy. The riser helps lift the user's weight. Individuals can climb onto the Tek RMD® and stand up independently without assistance from others. The comfort and simplicity help encourage users to stand up countless times and perform various daily activities while standing.

Remote control

The Tek RMD® Remote Control allows the user to operate the device from a distance. This allows the user to sit on a sofa, office chair, or bed; send the Tek RMD® away, and bring it back with the remote when needed.

Hands Free Usability

The Tek RMD® supports the user in an upright position while leaving their hands free. This position allows the user to reach anywhere with their hands free and to perform many daily tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, ironing, etc., comfortably in environments that are not normally prepared for people with physical disabilities.

Small footprint

The Tek RMD’s small footprint allows users to go places and reach items otherwise unavailable in a standard wheelchair whether at home or at work. By minimizing the renovation required for living spaces the Tek RMD often decreases overall costs to living with a walking disability.

Health benefits of standing

Our bodies are designed to stand. Standing at least five times a week improves bone density, circulation, bladder and bowel function, and relieves pressure points. Standing also improves self-esteem and physiological well-being and reduces mortality.

Tek RMD® holds the user in an upright position while leaving their hands and arms free. This allows for greater freedom and independence to perform daily tasks, while improving overall health and well-being.

Technical specifications

Overall weight: 118kg

Total width Outer wheels/handles: 420 mm / 500 mm 850 mm

Overall base length: 850mm

Overall height: 1500mm

Total height after folding: 970 mm

Maximum safe grade of slope: 3°

Maximum obstacle clearance: 12 mm

Tire types: solid foam tire

Tire sizes: Front: 200mm / Rear: 100mm

Autonomy: 4.68 miles

Braking distance: 1.04m

Battery type: lead-acid battery

Power supply: sealed or maintenance free DC 24 V (2x12V) 22Ah

Charger: 24V charger

Maximum user weight: 120 kg

Max speed: 3.5 mph

Turning radius: 1100mm

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Outdoor Kit:
Transfer Seat:


Product Weight: 260 lbs.-354.5 lbs.

Overall Height: 44.5"- 58.6"

Overall Length: 29.5"

Overall Width: 16.3"

User Weight: 88 to 265 lbs

User Height: 4′ 8″ to 6′ 3″

Handles Width: 19.6"

Wheel Chearance: 1.1"

Wheelbase Width: 16.3"

Maximum speed (Standard wheel): 2.9 mph

Maximum speed (Large wheel): 3.5 mph

Range: 4.68 miles

Battery Capacity: DC 24V (2x12V) 22Ah

Charger: 24V 4A Charger

Battery type: 12V Valve Regulated Lead Acid

Total Width of Wheelbase: 16.5"-23.5"

Total Length of Wheelbase: 30.3"- 40.3"

Total Height (Stowage): 31.5"-38.2"

Turning Radius: 23.6"

Turning diameter: (Standard wheel): 58.3"

Turning diameter (Large wheel): 62"

Max safe slope (Standard wheel): 5 degrees

Max safe slope (Large wheel): 6 degrees

Obstacle Climbing Ability (Standard wheel): 0.98"

Obstacle Climbing Ability (Large wheel): 1.57"

Type of tires: Breakdown safe, without air / pneumatic (standard wheel), air filled (large wheel)

Tire size Front/ Rear (Standard wheel): 7.9"/ 3.9"

Tire size Front/ Rear (Large wheel): 10.2"/ 9"

Breaking distance and time flat surface (Standard wheel): 49" at 1.8 seconds

Breaking distance and time flat surface (Large wheel): 59" at 1.8 seconds

Breaking distance down a 50 deg. slope at max. speed (Standard wheel): 68.8"

Breaking distance down a 50 deg. slope at max. speed (Large wheel): 102.3"

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the batteries

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