Alova cushion

Alova cushion

Alova cushion is a pressure relief cushion made of 75 kg/cm3 memory foam, anatomical and molded with coccyx discharge to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Breathable, waterproof and elastic cover.

The memory foam material absorbs the pressures in an exceptional way: if we leave our hand on its surface and remove it, we can observe its contour perfectly. This material has the so-called "memory effect". That is, although we see that our contour stays very easily, it always returns to its original position when the pressure is no longer felt: it does not deform.

This viscoelactic cushion is recommended for those people with a medium risk of bedsores and who sit for a long time without changing their posture. The user will enjoy immediate pressure relief, which translates into a better quality of life. Prevents the appearance of eschar in the sacrum, hamstrings and coccyx. The final part of the back is where the ulcers appear first if we sit for a long time and that is why using a skin-protection cushion is a great idea: it is always better to prevent than to cure on the issue of bedsores and it is advisable not to wait to appear to act against them.

Efficient: ALOVA® visco elastic material favors the immersion of parts of the body in contact with the support, to reduce the values pressure maximums.

Safety: cushion in decline to prevent slipping forward, Integral protection, non-slip bottom.

Comfort: Breathable textile, improves thermoregulation.

Discharge of the coccyx reducing the risk of bedsores. Minimal reduction of the risk of bedsores at the level of the ischial zone (height> 6 cm).

Features - Alova cushion

+ Viscoelastic of 75 Kg / cm3 that reduces the maximum pressure values and reduces the risk of the appearance of eschar in the ischial area (height> 6 cm.) And prevents the appearance of ulcers of the coccygeal sacral decubitus. Tailbone discharge.

+ Open hamstring area

+ Hip abduction. External rotators.

+ Height of 6 cms. in the back and 9 cms. up front that has a tilting so that the patient does not have a tendency to go forward. The bottom is non-slip.

+ Anatomic and comfortable: Breathable fabric that favors thermoregulation

+ Improvement of transfers. Radius increase.

+ Two covers. Non-slip, with handle and breathable and waterproof, elastic. Integral protection in Promust PU (elastic fabric covered with polyurethane). Non-slip bottom in PU / PVC fabric. Protective cover compatible with detergent-disinfectant products for hospital use.

+ Handle located under the cushion that reduces the risk of breakage.

+ Fire protection: EN 597-1 and EN 597-2

+ Various sizes available.


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VCAG4343: width: 43, Length: 43, Height: 6/9, Weight: 30 to 100kg

VCAG4340: width: 43, Length: 40, Height: 6/9, Weight: 30 to 90kg

VCAG4540: width: 45, Length: 40, Height: 6/9, Weight: 30 to 120kg

VCAG3841: width: 38, Length: 41, Height: 6/9, Weight: 30 to 90kg

VCAG4041: width: 40, Length: 41, Height: 6/9, Weight: 30 to 90kg

VCAG4043: width: 43, Length: 43, Height: 6/9, Weight: 30 to 90kg

VCAG4544: width: 45, Length: 44, Height: 6/9, Weight: 30 to 120kg

VCAG4347: width: 43, Length: 47, Height: 6/9, Weight: 30 to 120kg

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