Full GS 105 Set

Full GS 105 Set

The 105cm Full GS 105 set is made up of:

+ Adjustable 4-bed Geria model 105x190cm bed.

+ Electric lift trolley

+ 3-tube painted folding rails

+ Melamine headboard and footboard set

Features - Full GS 105 Set

+ GERIA LIFT lift bed.

+ Electronically adjustable bed with 4 planes.

+ Bed superimposed on the frame, large resting area.

+ Manufactured from 1.5 to 3 mm thick steel tube with 30 × 30 and 35 × 35 mm sections.

+ Electrical regulation of the thorax, thigh and leg sections.

+ Electric lifting system with scissor mechanism.

+ Low voltage safety motorization, double insulation and emergency battery (return to 0). IPX4 degree of protection

+ Ergonomic wired remote control for handling all functions.

+ Vaporized beech wood slats with textured and decorative coating

+ Double-pin flame holder in flexible thermoplastic material.

+ Nylon hinges at the joints, prevent noise and reduce friction.

+ Mounting with screws and Teflon washers to facilitate maintenance.

+ Polyamide fittings for accessories in the corners of the headboard.

+ Anti-entrapment system between moving parts.

+ Mattress support arch in the feet.

+ High resistance epoxy polyester paint.

+ 4 wheels of 100 mm; two of them with individual total brake.

+ Melamine headboard and footboard (MEL GS or MEL KB)

+ 19mm melamine board

+ 1.5mm PVC edging

+ Rounded corners.

+ Beech or oak finish

+ Folding railing set (B3TCP01)

+Equipped with 3 tubes of 25 x 1.5 mm section

+ Security locking mechanism

+ Anchorage by clamp.

+ Nylon joints.

+ Mounting with screws to facilitate maintenance.

+ Curved top tube to avoid entrapment.

+ Painted to match the bed

+ 13 cm free height for crane access.

+ Useful dimensions (mattress): 105 x 190 cm.

+ External dimensions with headboard, footboard and railings: 102 x 202 cm.

+ Approximate articulation angles: trunk 70º / thighs 43º / legs -12º.

+ Height adjustable between 37 and 80 cm

+ Maximum user weight: 135 kg.

+ Maximum admissible weight: 180 kg.

Accessories (not included) - Full GS 105 Set

+ Incorporator

+ IV pole

Measures (not included) - Full GS 105 Set

80/90/105 x 180/190/200


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Mattress size::



High-quality German motorization

A single control for bed and car. Button pad adapted for geriatrics.

Adjustable height between 38 and 79 cm.

1.5 tube structure; 2 and 3 mm thick.

Headboard and footboard in 19 mm melamine board edged in PVC

Set of folding rails with 3 painted tubes; with security locking system

4 wheels of 100 mm, 2 with independent total braking.

Free height of 14 cm in the lower structure to facilitate crane access.

Bed dimensions: 90 x 190 cm or 105 x 190cm.

External dimensions: 100 x 202 cm or 115 x 202cm.

Lifting height. Between 38 and 79 cm

Maximum user weight: 135 kg.

Maximum admissible weight: 180 kg.

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

21% VAT and transportation included

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