Zippie TS folding

Zippie TS Folding

The Zippie TS is the original, premier paediatric tilt-in-space wheelchair. Available with either a folding or rigid frame, built-in growth, and compatible with many seating and positioning solutions, the TS has the widest variety of options in the tilt-in-space market.

45° Traditional Tilt Technology

The original, premier paediatric tilt-in-space wheelchair, the TS features 45° of traditional tilt technology, meaning the tilt action occurs at a fixed pivot point. The Foot Release Tilt Actuator is easy to operate and eliminates tangles caused by exposed cables.

Folding and Rigid Frame Options

Because no two families are alike, the TS offers both folding and rigid frame options to accommodate a span of lifestyles and priorities. For families needing to store the chair in a vehicle or in tight spaces at home, the Folding TS compresses into a small package. The rigid frame involves fewer moving parts and offers a lower overall weight.

Growth Capabilities

The TS was designed to accommodate the changes your child may experience throughout the life of the chair. Up to 2" of seat width and up to 5" of seat depth adjustments allow the TS to grow, while adjustable components keep your child comfortable and properly positioned during development.

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Seat Width: 26 - 46 cm

Seat Depth: 33 - 51 cm

Front seat height: 39 - 51 cm

Rear seat height: 39 - 51 cm

Back height: 40 - 66 cm

Overall Width: 57 cm (depending on configuration)

Overall Length: 86 cm

Lower leg length: 15 - 48 cm

Frame: Tilting / Folding

Frame Version: n/a

Back Angle: 85° - 120°

Frame Angle: 60°- 80° swing-in/ out & 70°/ 80°/ 90° SA

Additional Growth Depth: True fit growth

Additional Growth In Width: True fit growth

Manual Seat Tilt: 45º

User Weight: 75 kg

Product Weight: 13.2 kg

Colours: 19 colours (see order form or bochure)

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

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