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Able Thrive. Live well with a disability


What is Able Thrive's idea? Transform the way people with disabilities live by connecting communities on a user-generated information support network.

Able Thrive empowers people with disabilities and their families to overcome challenges and negative stereotypes by providing a support network of crowdsourced how-to videos and information. With this free and accessible community-based resource, they reach even the most isolated geographic areas. Their platform leverages technology to filter and sort content by user details and interests - everything from basic tasks to adapted sports - connecting users in a peer-to-peer learning model that accelerates the path to living well with a disability. Users exchange experiences and innovations in an ever-evolving, customizable resource that unites a global community and redefines living with a disability.

It is too difficult for people to find information that can be life changing for a family facing a disability. They want to make the journey easier and open the doors of collaboration, so everyone has a chance to thrive.

Brittany Martin is the founder and executive director of Able Thrive . After her father was paralyzed in a car accident, Brittany saw that learning from others facing similar challenges helped her family adapt to their situation, and she envisioned using technology to replicate such support globally for all disabilities. Brittany has also volunteered with disability communities in China and Africa, giving her a sense of the common struggles for people with disabilities across geographic areas. Brittany co-founded and developed SPINALpedia.com, a pilot resource serving the paralysis community, as a side project for seven years, publishing her work in Huffington Post and in disability magazines. In 2013, she left her job as a teacher and coach to devote herself to uniting and empowering a global disability community.

From Accessible Madrid , being partners of Able Thrive in Spain, we invite you to share your experiences with them. Send them a message! They’d love to hear anything you have to say on how they can better serve you. Keep in mind they’re a startup, so they need your help to catch errors, gather feedback and improve as quickly as possible.