BiciMAD. The public bike rental service in Madrid

BiciMAD. The public bike rental service in Madrid

BiciMAD. The public bike rental service in Madrid

BiciMAD. The public bike rental service in Madrid is Madrid's new public transport service. It is supplied by 100% electric bicycles: clean, healthy and sustainable method of transport. This service is available for all citizens and visitors to the city of Madrid.

The service includes 2,500 electric bikes distributed among 208 stations. The station consists of a Totem (CIC) which is the center of interaction with the rider and the anchors for the placement of the bikes. Withdrawal bicycle anchoring is done by validating the card issuing totem.

Public bicycle service is subject to a facility approved by the City Council of Madrid rates which include insurance covering any mishap during use. The hours of operation are continuously for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Download the official BiciMAD App

Download HERE the BiciMAD App

The BiciMAD App is very useful to see all the details about the service: Register (only for the annual pass), check the the availability of bicycles and anchorages, recharge balance and warnings about incidents.


- Annual Subscriber: User who accesses the service by paying an annual fee and some airtime rates lower than the casual user service. Make the access card annual fee you get on the totem pole.

- Casual User (mode being implemented, currently unavailable): User who accesses the service by paying tariffs airtime service. Make access with a card using one, three days or five days to get on the totem pole for free.

Rates annual subscription:

Madrid Transport pass holder: 15 euros

No Travel Pass holders: 25 euros

For users holding the annual pass, bicycles can be unpinned both with the card and also using the app with a QR code.

Rates airtime service for annual subscription:

First fraction 30 Minutes: 0.50 euros

30 minutes following fractions: 0.60 euros

Rates airtime service for the occasional user:

First hour or fraction: 2 euros

Second hour or fraction: 4 euros

tariff bonus:

By taking the bicycle station surplus (higher occupancy level of 70%): 0.10 euros

On return the bike to season deficit (lower degree of occupation of 30%): 0.10 euros

Booking Station (non-cumulative bonus for returning the bike in deficit season): 0.10 euros

tariff Penalties:

For exceeding the second hour (per hour or fraction): 4 euros

Occasional users - How to Register

Occassional users (those without the annual pass), can register directly using the Totem located in every docking station.

In order to be a user of public bicycle service is mandatory requirement exceed fourteen years old.

In the case of a user under 16, access to the service is handled by the mother / mother / guardian or legal representative, taking responsibility for your physical fitness, as well as on the damages it may cause.

BiciMAD website

Access to the official BiciMAD page

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